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Dewalt 2-1/4 HP (max. motor HP) EVS Fixed Base / Plunge Router Combo Kit w / Soft Start DW618PKB

June 24, 2013

Adjustable Features that Smoothly Route

2-1/4 HP (max. motor HP) EVS Fixed Base / Plunge Router Combo Kit w / Soft Start DW618PKB

The 2-1/4 HP (max. motor HP) EVS Fixed Base / Plunge Router Combo Kit w / Soft Start DW618PKB has a strong core motor that provides the very highest speeds and power possible. The a 2-1/4 HP motor, is the maximum motor HP available. Additionally, it also has a 12.0 amp electronic variable speed motor that delivers the power to rout smoothly through even the toughest of hardwoods and other materials. Another great feature is that this router is adjustable thanks to the electronic, variable, full feedback control dial. The full feedback control offers constant speed under load, from 8,000-24,000 rpm’s and has a soft start in order to to reduce start-up torque, which also further enhances operator control. A micro-fine depth adjustment ring gives the router precise depth adjustments in 1/64″ increments, as well as allows for vertical adjustments for a constant switch/cord set location. The  router also features an adjustable, tool-free steel motor cam lock, which has been specifically engineered to make the router’s depth adjustment and base changes quick and solid-locking.

DeWalt Designed Features For the Routers Precision and Durability

DeWalt designed several features to support the DW618PKB router’s durability and precision technique. The router has an integral, through-the-column dust collection system, that collects an amazing 95% of the dust the router throws out, and which also provides superior bit visibility. A quick release motor safely latches, for fast and simple motor pack removal, as the operator makes bit and base changes. A detachable cordset is a great new feature as it offers cordset serviceability, because it removes the need for a “shorty” cord motor pack. The router is also built with  precision machined brass bushings, as well as case-hardened steel guide rods that provide a  smooth and accurate plunge stroke. A clear LEXAN sub-base is engineered to provide an enhanced and superior base durability, bit visibility, and it even accepts the standard template guide bushings. Finally, included in the design are rubber over-molded handles and a low center of gravity, which work in tandem to provide best-in-class performance that delivers comfort, balance, and control.


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