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ICS 16 Inch 633GC-16 Concrete Chain Saw

May 23, 2012

The ICS 16 inch concrete chain saw 633GC-16 promises three currently new upgraded design features that incorporate trouble free operations for you as you wield the chainsaw in all your applications. These new additions to the ICS 633GC design are include the special water resistant electronic ignition, the brand new leaf spring starter pawl design, ...

Milwaukee 14″ Cut-Off Machine 6190-20

May 23, 2012

The Milwaukee 6190-20 14″ Dry Cut-Off Machine  saves you time, as it rids you of the imprecise edges cut by sloppy chop and abrasive saws, you will find with the 6190-20, your needed welding time will drop significantly. Trimming rounded or beat up edges become unproblematic as you trim a 1/16” off, without an unseemly slope. The ...

Manufacturer Spotlight: Guardian Fall Protection

May 23, 2012

Performance Safety Gear   Guardian provides fall protection equipment specifically for construction laborers. Guardian is headquartered in Kent Washington along with offices and warehouses throughout the United States. Guardian is known as a high standard in manufacturing quality fall protection, consumer centric, product innovations, and for building a friendly knowledgeable employee base. Guardian is unique ...