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Porter Cable 12″ Deluxe Dovetail Jig 4212

June 18, 2012

 Porter Cable 12″ Deluxe Dovetail Jig 4212 is every woodworker and carpenters dream. This machine delivers so many cuts for furniture making your head will spin with ideas. Most furniture enthusiast agree, once crafted and locked together in place perfectly and seamlessly without glue, that dovetails are beautiful and establish an aura of superior craftsmanship ...

Eagle Manufacturing

June 18, 2012

Although they inevitably decided on Eagle Manufacturing as the company mantle, they just have easily could have selected an animal known for its ability to transform and/or adapt to survive. Why? Because Eagle Manufacturing truly epitomizes a company’s willingness to change with the demands and needs of the day in order to stay afloat during ...

Sumner Manufacturing

June 18, 2012

Sumner Manufacturing began with Joe Sumner in the mid 1960’s while he worked as the Worldwide General Foremanfor Sam P Wallace Co., a mechanical contractor employed by the U.S. government. It was during his tenure there that had an epiphany, there was a huge gap between the amount of quality welding tools in the market that ...