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Bosch: Today

June 26, 2012

Today Bosch is a leading global supplier generating $47.3 billion worldwide, as of the fiscal year 2010, and employs 285,000 people. Bosch has annual sales of 8.8 billion here in the United States, with 70 locations, and employs 22,000 employees in the U.S. In addition to tools, the company offers innovations in software solutions with ...

Chicago Steel Tape: A History

June 26, 2012

Daniel M Wheeler was born in Massachusetts in 1846 and grew to be a civil engineer who designed various bridges and railroads. While working on a survey team he began to use women’s hoopskirt wire as a survey tape. This led to the creation of the Chicago Steel Tape Company in the later 1800’s, for ...

Diamond Products 86911 Rider Saw Curb Cutter 2000 Hydraulic Grinder CC2000

June 26, 2012

A curb cutter is a tool needed for city planning to make a curb cut on local sidewalks for pedestrians. A curb cut is defined as a solid ramp, which is typically but not always constructed of concrete, and is graded down from the top surface of the sidewalk to the surface of the adjoining ...