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Milwaukee M12 Cordless High Visibility Heated Jacket 2346-XL

June 29, 2012

The reflective bright yellow/green  Milwaukee M12 Cordless High Visibility Heated Jacket 2346-XL  is a safety must have in the construction industry, especially when doing road work, it ensures the wearer is safe with an ANSI Class III rating. An ANSI Class III rating means that this jacket is certified to meet or exceed jobsite and roadside ...

MultiQuip 5000 Watt High Cycle Honda Generator GDP5H

June 29, 2012

There are a lot of portable generators out there to choose from, so its no surprise that when one begins looking to purchase a generator, the endless options can be confusing and frustrating. What separates this Multiquip generator from the pack is that it is specifically manufactured for onsite use and comes with a Honda ...

Knaack LLC: History

June 29, 2012

In an early morning meeting in the 1960’s, three men  discussed an idea they had been tossing around for a business opportunity, to  fill a need in the sheet metal fabrication business. They thought there was some opportunity in, constructing “ready on site” jobsite tool boxes. The meeting was a final attempt to get Mr. ...