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Aervoe White Spray Chalk 215

January 17, 2013

 Versatile for Spraying onto Concrete & Grass or DIY Projects

The Aervoe  215 White Spray Chalk comes in a standard container size of 20 ounces and in a variety of colors with everything from orange, red, green, blue, and white.

Aervoe 215 White Spray Chalk

The Aervoe series of spray chalk is safe for use on turf surfaces as it has a non-resin binder formula and features a low pigment solid that can even  hold chalk together in rain and snow while your spray mark dries.  In addition, it is easy to use as a temporary mark to indicate private property, where limited exposure is desired. Clean up is no problem, as it can easily be removed with soap  and water. With just a minimum of effort the mark should disappear within minutes, or if that seems too long, you can remove it even faster with a pressure washer. Aervoe’s bottles have been designed to be used with their products and accessories – like thier #244 Spot Marker, or the #245 Marking Stick, or if your not afraid of using a little elbow grease, then go ahead, and do it the old fashioned way… by hand.

Chalk Dressor @ http://pinterest.com/pin/98586679312437947/

Aervoe’s 215 white spray chalk is totally lead free with a non-clogging can, which allows you to empty it’s contents completely.  The spray chalk paint will adhere to most surfaces, including pavement, gravel, soil, and grass. In the construction industry, spray chalk is used for survey, landscape, utility/locator marking, general construction and proposed excavation. There are other uses as well, in fact a growing decorating trend on some top blogging sites is a number of creative Do-It-Yourself decorating projects, displaying a variety of ways to apply chalk spray paint to furniture and walls, to allow kids to draw on them with their favorite chalk.

The Aervoe brand makes their chalks and sprays with a carful blend of raw materials, which is made to be safe on all surfaces. The chalk spray is designed specifically for temporary marking, thus the mark will disappear in up to 20 days if it’s exposed to the elements of water, traffic, and other abrasions.

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