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Make a Bench From a Headboard & Footboard: Part One

August 27, 2012


Makita Magnesium Circular Saw 5007MGA

This is a simple step by step guide to make a bench out of a wood headboard and footboard. It is garage sale season and you can easily pick up an item like a headboard and footboard for as little as $5.

Tools Needed

You will need primer to coat the headboard and footboard, a sander, a circular saw such as the Makita  7-1/4″ Magnesium Circular Saw 5007MGA, two furniture dowels, wood glue, a drill/driver, L brackets, three pieces of 1″ x 6″ pine lumber, one piece of 1″ x 3″ of MDF lumber, caulk, measuring tape, and paint/spray paint. This is a complete list of everything you will need to complete the bench project. You may even have most of this lying around your shop or garage and have just been in need of a great project in order to put them to use.

Step One

To begin, start by sanding the headboard and footboard, on both sides, until it is completely sanded with no remaining paint or wood laquer.

Step Two

Measure the footboard and cut it vertically directly down the middle with your circular saw, making sure it is in equal halves when you do so.

Step Three

Drill the holes for the furniture dowels

Now turn the newly cut ends towards you facing up, where the ends use to be the middle of the footboard, now drill four holes, meaning two holes on each of the footboards section. This is where you will now place the furniture dowels. Furniture dowels can be found at any store where you purchase lumber and they are easy to find and not hard to come by.

Step Four

Now leave the footboard for a while and begin focusing on the headboard in this step. Measure and mark the exact same spacing onto the headboards posts that we did in step three for the footboard. Here you will drill the holes for the furniture dowels that are currently on the footboard. Thus, once we stand up the furniture pieces and put them together, the dowels will fit nicely into the drilled holes in the posts of the headboard.



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