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Saw Blades: Part One

August 30, 2012

Which to Choose?

Achieving the perfect cut in your woodworking is two fold. First, you need to know how to choose the correct saw blade for the correct cut. Secondly, the blade should be sharp enough to easily sear through the wood without ruining your project. Nasty side effects like the burning and tearing of the wood are most often directly correlated to the sharpness of the blade. Given the vast selection of blades in the marketplace, knowing which one is the right blade for the job can sometimes be a daunting task… That’s where we can help.

Rip Blade

Freud LM72M010 10 x 24 5/8 Flat Rip Saw Blade

The rip blade is used to cut swift cuts without a clean finish. Be sure when using a rip blade to cut with the grain as cutting against the grain can cause severe damage to your project. Rip blades contain a limited amount of teeth to help aid in clearing debris as you make your cuts and are generally set deep within the blade to accomplish this. The Freud LM72M010 10 x 24 5/8 Flat Rip Saw Blade has a TiCo Hi-Density Carbide with Titanium for longer blade life and a flawless finish. The Silver ICE Coating is an industry first protective coating for the blade. In addition the ICE coating shields the blade from any extreme temperatures such as heat, resin, problematic pitch build-up, and blade corrosion. Finally, the ICE finish can offer the protection from these elements up to 2 times longer than standard polished blades. It also features laser cut anti vibration technology thus cutting the noise as it extends the blades possible cutting life. Also notable about the Freud LM72M010 is the laser cut steel blade body enabling  smoother finished cuts and flatness.

Crosscut Blades

DeWalt DW7296PT 12" 96T Ultra-Smooth Crosscutting Saw Blade

Unlike the rip blade, the crosscut leaves you with a nice finish. The crosscut blade with kerf have carbides that produce a cutting effect of wide right and wide left, alternating as you cut. DeWalts DW7296PT 12″ 96T Ultra-Smooth Crosscutting Saw Blade has a premium micro-grain carbide which delivers a sweet ultra-sharp cutting edge, thus dramatically reducing problems with splintering. The blade has a precision balanced and  laser-cut body, which enables it to make extremely accurate cuts in your stock. The exclusive dampening slots have been designed to reduce any incurring vibration as it strives to enhance the cutting accuracy. A great plus to this blade is its durable tough coat finish which works to lessen the build up of heat, friction, and gum while the blade runs ultimately enhancing performance and blade life.

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