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Saw Blades: Part Two

August 30, 2012

Part two of choosing a proper saw blade for the perfect cut you desire while performing your woodworking projects.

Combination Blades

Freud LU84M011 10 x 50 x 5/8 Combination Saw Blade

Combination blades are just that, combining the attributes of the crosscut with the rip cut while offering the best benefits of both blades. With these blades, the tooth count is everything. The higher the tooth count the cleaner the finish, but lower your tooth count and you get faster cuts with a rougher finished appearance. The Freud LU84M011 10 x 50 x 5/8 Combination Saw Blade is a 10″ saw blade coated in Silver Ice, it has a 50 count of comb teeth, and a kerf of 126. It has been designed with large gullets, allowing for quick ripping action and easier chip removal. It also has a laser-cut anti-vibration feature with designed slots, allowing a reduction in vibration as well as producing a sideways movement in the wood. At the end of the day this all equates to an enduring blade life and a crisp, clean cut, followed by a splinter-free smooth finish for you .

Dado Blades

Dado blades can come in two differing styles. The first is the wobble blades, which as the name suggests, adjust to an angle and create a dado. It has been known at times to cause some issues regarding excessive vibration leading to an uncleaned finished dado cut.

Freud SD208 Saw Blade

As such, the second is the most preferable, it is the stacked dado, which offers a full crosscut blade plus chippers in the middle, meaning this blade has to be used on a radial arm or table saw. It gives you a clean beautiful cut dado with a finish you can be proud of. The Freud SD20B Stacked Dado Saw Blade has a negative hook angle designed to give splinter free cuts and has an anti-kickback design. The slot widths are 1/4-inch to 13/16-inch given in 1/16-inch increments. It also has the added plus of being a re-sharpenable blade.

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