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Bosch 10″ Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand 4100-09

May 31, 2012

The Bosch 4100-09 10″ Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand is a Bosch brand tool that keeps with the quality and standards that are known and associated with the Bosch family of products.  The Bosch 4100-09 offers you the precision and accurate cuts you need and expect for professional workmanship. It is designed to be perfect in size and compact in design, there is no clumsiness or heaviness involved. The table saw’s gravity rise stand is great as it offers a medium weight, as many times the included portable stands are very heavy and defeat the purpose of having a mobile way to move and use your table saw. Carry handles are engineered into the design and are located on the base, as well as the tabletop, offering you a better way to move and set up the table saw onto the stand. The included square lock rip fence is engineered for a maximum true cut. Additional improvements have been designed and implemented into the Bosch 10” Table Saw to increase overall cutting precision, including a single point bevel movement as well as an improved miter system with t-slots. Job site abuse is not a problem with the Bosch 4100-09, it has a durable sub-base that implements dual tasks first by increasing the tool life, and secondly by protecting the table from saw base.

Included with the Bosch 4100-09 Worksite Table Saw with Gravity Rise Stand is the table saw, a square lock rip fence, smart guard system, a gravity rise stand, and a 400 tooth premium blade.




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  1. I run a small finish ctrpenary and cabinet installation company. We do the best of the best work for the best custom home builders and the best custom cabinetry and millwork shops. I purchased two of these. Out of the box I made small adjustments to set the first perfectly, it was very close to perfect adjustment from the factory. I was pleased so far. The detents were positive enough and not loose like the new Makitas. I loved having the bevel adjustment up front and looked forward to saving a lot of time because of it. Let me start by saying I am a Bosch fan. I use the best tools no matter who makes them. Therefore I use Bosch’s tablesaw, jigsaw (although Festool’s is equally good with better dust collection), palm router, and digital angle finder. I was looking forward to this saw, although I overlooked some negative reviews when deciding on purchasing it and was particularly influenced by the review from R. Clark who claims to own a custom home building co. and demand perfection (he must be an office guy). I wish I had listened to the negative reviews because this saw is completely unsatisfactory for finish ctrpenary and I have to sell it as a used saw (hopefully to a framer so I don’t feel guilty). One other review which had me worried stated that the saw was fine the first month and steadily became worse each month. This is EXACTLY what I experienced, amazingly enough by the time I am disgusted enough with the saw to not want to use it anymore the 30 day satisfaction guaranteed warranty was expired. Some explanation of why this is not a saw which can be used for finish ctrpenary, LET ALONE SOMEONE WHO DEMANDS PERFECTION! After about 2 months (second job) the miter detents are sloppy and wiggly exactly what I didn’t want in a miter saw. The table got so tight it was almost impossible to use to fractions of degrees, and just a royal pain to use to 0 and 45. After cleaning out, lubing and loosening the miter table mechanism, it slides better, but the miter detents are still sloppy and wiggly fractions of a degree (ie fine tuning your miter) are very time comsuming because the table moves when you try to lock it down, and wants to return towards 0 (though perfect 0 is equally hard to hit because the detent is wiggly and the lockdown moves the table!!!). It is very difficult to get the actual angle you want to cut. Not to mention even when you spend the considerable time to lock the table down where you want it, it is still hit or miss because the scale is the most clumsy of all saws the marks are cast 1/16 wide it seems this saw was only intended to be a framing saw. The bevel capabilities are also inadequate (although the adjustment up front is a time saver it is not worth it! maybe for a framer maybe). The up front lock doesn’t stay tight and you have to tighten it each time you go to use the saw. When set to perfect 0 degree bevel, the scale reads slightly differently left and right 45 degree bevels (by about 1/4 degree). The laser is the aftermarket washer type which runs on batteries (another pain). Both sets of laser batteries which came with the saw died within 1 month. On the third job with the saw (a high quality blade was put on immediately) cuts are even worse, I’m not sure if it is blade deflection, bearing wobble, or something else (I don’t care to troubleshoot it because the saw is not worth troubleshooting), but if you place a straight-edge against your cut piece you can see daylight where the cut is not straight. The millwork shop I’m doing a job for now has the same saw at the job I’m at with a service tag on it to be returned because theirs doesn’t cut plumb ie, where the blade starts is not in line with where it finishes once you have plunged the blade so their cuts are never 0 (90) degree bevel. We are back to using the Dewalt 12 (new style, yet older than this Bosch) which one of my guys owns which is completely superior the detents are rock solid, the scale is fine and you can actually guess what fraction of a degree you are set at, and when you lock it down it stays there. I didn’t like this Dewalt at first because I was a little biased against the old style Dewalt from my days in a cabinet shop where blade deflection made it hard to cut a long miter. Also the capacity of the dewalt is partly achieved by a deep well to keep the slide short which I don’t like. But in all truth the Dewalt which I don’t like is superior in every way. I am going back to the redesigned 10 Hitachi which I have used a lot in the past, and has the kind of accuracy I need. Stay away from this saw. Bosch has made a complete lemmon, it must be redesigned. The 10 has the micro-adjust, I don’t know why they didn’t put it on the 12 is it because they made this saw to be a framing saw with no need for it, or because the table/detent system is too sloppy to work with a micro-adjust?


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