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DIY Breaking Up a Concrete Slab: Part 1 Bosch 11335K 35 Lb “Jack” Jack Hammer

January 18, 2013

In this blog we review the tools you need to begin the breakup work on a concrete slab. You have a couple of options in order to get rid of the concrete. The demolition work usually requires one of two tools; a jack hammer or a sledge hammer. If the concrete slab you are working on is extra thick and large, go for the jack hammer. A sledge hammer can handle most residential applications but there is no doubt that a jack hammer makes short work of all concrete jobs including your industrial projects. While working on your concrete slabs, point the tip (usually the chisel tip is best for this) at the concrete until it begins to break the cement up, as you do focus on the small bits, moving from crack to crack. If you aim for the larger pieces  your jack hammer will get stuck, ultimately leading to a slow down in your work while you try to release the Jack hammer from the ground.

The “Jack”

Bosch 11335K 35 Lb "Jack" Jack Hammer

The Bosch 11335K 35 Lb “Jack” Jack Hammer comes with a pointed chisel, an articulating auxiliary handle, a carrying case with wheels, a grease tube, and a cleaning rag, and when it comes to breaking a job down this heavy duty jack hammer gets the job done.

What Bosch has done with the new 11335 is redefine the entire jack hammer category with this hammer’s best in class performance. In addition, the Bosch JACK 11335 breaker hammer hits harder and stronger with an unprecedented 34′ pounds of impact force, yet still weighs in at under 36 pounds. Bosch’s 11335K features amazing durability, smooth vibration reduction, and the operator’s ability to use this breaker in both horizontal and vertical positions. Running on 15.0 Amps and 1300 BPM, it has a powerful 1750 W motor, which provides the fastest removal rate in its class. The “vibration reducing, handle shock absorbing” top handle reduces all vibration by up to 40%. Plus, the 11335K Jack Hammer has an In-Line Design, which provides the ultimate tool balance, and thanks to the inclusion of multiple grip positions, this hammer delivers a maximum performance in angled, horizontal, and vertical applications. The large main handle offers increased control and handling, while also featuring a well positioned lock on switch, which eliminates unintentional shut off. The 360-degree articulating auxiliary handle offers a wide range of movement and operator comfort, and the two-way tool retainer accepts the standard 1-1/8″ hex, air tool steel with retaining collar or the Bosch internal locking combo steel.


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