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Bosch 12V Max Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Pocket Driver (Bare Tool) PS21BN

September 9, 2013

Stylish, Affordable, Compact And Cool

Bosch PS21BN 12V Max Pocket Driver

Over the last few weeks we have been introducing this seasons new additions in the Bosch arsenal, which are sure to capture not only the end user’s attention, but some of those leading competitors market share as well. As we’ve illustrated in our previous posts, Bosch has a great new selection of bare tools and Bosch’s PS21BN 12V Max Lithium-Ion (Bare) 2 Speed Pocket driver is no exception. With a host of great features, an awesomely stylized, compact body, and an extremely competitive price point, the PS21BN holds it’s ground as a true contender for one of the better pocket drivers available.

No Battery But Plenty Of Extras

Given that the PS21BN 12V Max Li-Ion 2 speed pocket driver is a bare tool, you can be sure that it doesn’t come with the battery. That being said the PS21BN is compatible with your existing Bosch 12V battery, and where they may have not included the battery, they did include a couple of extras that make this purchase much more attractive. The PS21BN comes with your standard 12V 2 speed pocket driver (obviously), as well as an exact fit L-BOXX tool insert tray and a carrying case.

Defining Features

Bosch’s Ps21BN 12V Max Li-Ion 2 speed pocket driver delivers up to 265 inches to pounds of max torque, making it more powerful than the competition’s pocket driver. In addition, it has a compact design with the shortest head length and shortest height in it’s class, meaning awkward angles and tight spaces really have no teeth. Furthermore, in case you find yourself in just such an awkward position trying to drive into a dimly lit tight space, the engineers at Bosch provided a helping hand with the inclusion of an LED light so you can look highly competent even when you might not feel so. Finally to further emphasize the advantages of a truly compact pocket driver, Bosch made the PS21BN 12V Max Li-Ion 2 speed pocket driver the lightest weight of any pocket driver in it’s class. So grab a ladder, get to work and go to task without having to dread that usually cumbersome and frustrating over head work. 

Specifics On The Specifications

Besides the great features that you just read above, the PS21BN has a few noteworthy specifications worth mentioning. It uses a Bosch branded fast charger, has a height of 5″, a length of 11″, employs a 1/2″ keyless chuck, has a no load speed of 0-3000 SPM, has 18 + 1 clutch settings, a stroke length of 9/16″ and a no load RPM of 0-500/0-1700.

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