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Bosch 12V Max Lithium-Ion 3/8″ 2 Speed Drill Driver (Bare) PS31BN

September 14, 2013

Ultra Compact And Lightweight

Bosch PS31BN 12V Max Lithium Ion 3/8" 2 Speed Drill Driver

Bosch’s new PS31BN 12V Max Lithium Ion 3/8″ 2 Speed Drill Driver (Bare Tool No Batteries) is not only ultra compact with a 7″ head length that makes it small enough to reach into the tightest of areas and corners, but it is also light weight at only 2.1 lbs. Thanks to the compact size and super lightweight, I think you’ll find overhead work no problem with this handy 3/8″ 2 speed drill from Bosch. In addition, the 3/8″ single sleeve chuck accommodates 90% of your most common applications, making this the go to driver for that around the house repair work.

But It’s All About What’s Under The Hood

Given that Bosch’s PS31BN 12V Max Lithium Ion 3/8″ 2 Speed Drill Driver is so compact and lightweight, you may wonder if it’s compromise is in it’s power. Well worry not my friends, as the PS31BN has 2 speeds; the 1st being 0 – 350 rpm’s, and the 2nd being 0-1300 rpm’s, this insures that the PS31BN is a drill driver that is guaranteed to be 15 percent faster than current competitive offerings. In addition, the inclusion of 20 + 1 clutch settings by the Bosch engineers means that you will get perfect torque adjustments for precision screw driving each and every time you employ the device. Finally, Bosch also included an LED light that allows clear illumination of tight, dimly lit working environments. 

The Devil’s In The Details…

Although you won’t find a battery in the box when you purchase Bosch’s PS31BN 12V Max Lithium Ion 3/8″, 2 Speed Drill Driver, you will find the added bonus of an Exact Fit L BOXX Tool Insert Tray.  In addition, a few other noteworthy specifications to mention are that the PS31BN has a length of 7″ and a maximum torque of 265 inches to pounds.

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