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Bosch 18v Lithium Ion Flashlight CFL180

July 10, 2012

The Bosch 18v Lithium Ion Flashlight CFL180 offers a great option for professional use as a work flashlight. With the two screw holes located right on the handle, its easy to mount in any given area. In addition, The handle is designed to give you the freedom to rotate the light into any desired position so that you can light your work space, even from above. It can achieve this with the seven detents in correlation with the 360 degree handle rotation, ensuring that you can place it anywhere and get the light to shine exactly at the space and angle you need. A wide angled beam lights up the darkest of spaces, filling the room area with  lithium-ion technology, all while producing a fade free performance for four hours of non-stop, continuous light beam run time. This flashlight is not only great for job site productivity, but can be really great to have now that summer has arrived and family trips are in full swing.  Where scenarios such as camping out together in the mountains, doing a little night reading while traveling long distances in the family car, or even when you need to dig through the cooler in the back of the boat while your out at the lake just pass dusk, the CFL180 finds itself handy with four hours of fade free light!  The Bosch 18v lithium ion flashlight CFL180 is compact and easy to fit into tight spaces, such as in your hand held tool organizer, drawers in your tool chest, truck box, or even the family mini van, under the passenger seat undercarriage with the emergency kit and first aid box. In addition, there are no tools needed for the bulb change, making this Bosch Flashlight CFL180 my next must have tool.

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