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Bosch 5″ TuckPointer 1775E

December 3, 2012

Tuckpointing FYI

Bosch 5" TuckPointer 1775E

Tuckpointing is performed on buildings, bed/head joints, monuments, chimneys, and other  structures constructed with masonry and brick. The life span of a brick structure depends mainly on the quality of the workmanship and the elements, with most structures lasting roughly 20 years before breakdown begins to be visible. Additionally, water can play a major part in being a source of destruction with mason and brick.

In order to replace, restore, or rebuild in part, a tuckpointer tool is involved. A tuck pointer tool will help you accomplish the task of cutting, cleaning, and refilling fresh mortar into  mortar joints. In fact the restoration process itself is actually  known as “tuck pointing”. In large cities where older buildings are numerous, a specialized trade has carved out a professional niche of their own, due to the need of repairing, restoring, and rebuilding masonry and brick structures. This semi-newly formed trade works to remove weather and age deteriorated mortar from the any and all brick and block structures. Water, as mentioned above plays apart in this, as aging and damaged mortar joints turn nasty often causing a structural issue, where waterproofing problems become evident.

The Bosch Tuckpointer

The Bosch 5″ TuckPointer 1775E is specially designed for this trade, as it has been engineered specifically to go to task on removing brick mortar. Included in the design of the 1775E is a power hungry 8.5 Amp and 11,000 RPM motor that rips through the toughest of mortar. As regulations to protect workers from dust continue to grow, Bosch designed a unique guard system for tuckpointing applications, which include a superior dust extraction system. The dust extraction port lends a hand in aiding your respiratory protection by promoting a cleaner overall job when the included VAC002 Vacuum adapter is utilized. Finally, the large viewing window offers the operator the  ability to clearly view the working area for better overall control and accuracy.

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