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Bosch 8″ Single Bevel Miter Saw CM8S

September 3, 2013

And the New Products Just Keep Coming

As we feature new products from Bosch this week, it’s important to feature one of their more highly anticipated ones, that being the Bosch CM8S 8″ Single Bevel Miter Saw. This new

Bosch CM8S 8" Miter Saw

product that just launched comes with plenty new features to satisfy tool enthusiasts that hunger for upgrades, enhancements and better performance. So pour yourself some coffee, sit back and read up on the CM8S so you can take charge of the next water cooler conversation.

Comes Complete

The Bosch CM8S 8″ Single Bevel Miter Saw comes complete with lots of goodies. Inside each box you will find one CM8S, one dust bag, one blade wrench, and one 40T carbide tipped blade. As soon as you pick one up, you will be able to get straight to work.

Ultimate Portability and Easy Access

Bosch took great lengths and dedicated focus to design the CM8S with what they call ultimate portability. That’s because Bosch’s exclusive design has produced an 8″ miter saw that is well balanced, with a total weight of only 37 lbs., and a top carry handle. What all this means is that this saw allows for easy one handed portability wherever this saw is needed. In addition, Bosch also added easy access bevel controls, that feature a bevel lock lever and a bevel turret stop that are located on the side of the tool for quick and easy adjustments. But that’s not all that Bosch did to upgrade the design of the CM8S, also integrating expanding base extensions that allow the operator the ability to expand the base up to 29″ either left or right, ultimately providing additional work piece support. Next Bosch added large easy to read miter and bevel scales that allow uniform marks from 52 degrees left, all the way to 60 degrees right. This feature enables the CM8S the ability to perform 10 adjustable miter detents to be set for all of the most common cuts. And they even included a miter detent override that allows intuitive access to the thumb actuated override.

Adjustability, Ergonomics, and Clarity

Besides all the great features that you have just read about, the CM8S also has an adjustable front stabilizing foot that maintains the saw’s stability when performing slide cuts. Furthermore it has an ergonomically designed ambidextrous trigger handle, which is form fitted, and which provides the kind of comfort desired when performing all day operation. Finally, the Bosch CM8S, features a cleared lower guard that allows for an unobstructed view throughout the cut, ultimately promoting efficiency and safety.

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