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Bosch Digital Laser Distance Measurer Kit GLR225

December 5, 2012

Digital Laser Uses

Bosch Digital Laser Distance Measurer Kit GLR225

Easily calculate lengths, widths, and heights up to 230 feet with the Bosch Digital Laser Distance Measurer Kit GLR225. Most  laser measurer models currently on the market, and we are not naming names, can only calculate up to 1/8″, but the Bosch GLR225 can calculate up to a 1/16″ accurately when it is measuring up to 230 feet. You will never bring that old tape measurer out of the shop drawer again as you measure everything and anything! Professional contractors,architects, insurance adjusters, floorers, and even DIY’ers now use digital laser measurers to achieve their goals with the very best accuracy possible.

Tons of Modes for Amazing Accuracy!

Bosch stresses accuracy in its design of the Bosch Digital Laser Distance Measurer Kit GLR225, but still also keeps it simple with fast, easy and accurate measuring thanks to their use of precision, laser measuring technology. To make measuring a task that was simple and accurate for every application, Bosch put seven measuring modes on the GLR225, these include length, area volume, min./max., continuous, indirect length, and multi-surface area measurements for the most trying and versatile of measuring applications. The next great mode available on this tool is the “four measuring reference points”, which include back, front, a swing-out extension pin (for measuring from inside corners or channels), and a center of optional tripod. The last option is the multi-surface area mode which helpfully calculates the total area of several individual surfaces with a common length or height for you! In addition, Bosch threw in an extra bonus to the design, with their inclusion of a handy pocket-size frame that measures in at only 4″ tall! Which makes it currently, the absolute smallest laser rangefinder on the market.

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