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Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw 1640VS

September 13, 2012

Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw 1640VS

The Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw 1640VS is a specialty tool that is made for a specific range of applications. This saw is not for ripping stock or cross cutting of any kind. The Bosch fine cut handsaw’s job description lies within flush cutting trim. The Finecut Power Handsaw can make cuts that include doorjambs, window jams, shims, PVC drainpipe, flooring and more. An example of where you will use the Finecut Power Handsaw is mainly when you are  remodeling or installing floors, particularly when you need to make the undercut on a door jamb’s trim for fitting tile or wooden flooring. Anytime you find you need to fit trim into a tight space, the flush-cutting blades conveniently serve you as they can be easily reversed, allowing clean cuts to the right or to the left or vice versa and the tool-free blade change system is implemented for quick and easy blade changes.

The Bosch Finecut  Power Handsaw 1640VS produces a very fine, accurate cut without having to remove the trim or baseboards for the cut. With 3.5 Amps and  2,000-2,800 RPM’s the Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw 1640VS displays precision sawing, flush cutting in wood, and wood composites and plastics as well. The variable speed allows the operator to match their speed to their workpiece and task. The 1640VS is designed to be counter-balanced for reduced vibration, as well as ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable handling even in the hardest to reach areas like those that tend to be too small to work with. A large on/off switch is integrated with the gripping surface for easy access and is double insulated, UL listed, and complies to OSHA standards. The Bosch 1640VS  Finecut Power Handsaw 1640VS comes complete with the handsaw, a fine tooth blade, and a flush cut blade.

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