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Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam

November 1, 2013

Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam

Bosch is Crossing Lines

Crossing into new territories and drawing new lines, the Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam is completely unique to all of its laser predecessors. In fact it is different than any other laser beam product currently being sold on the tool market today. It comes with a Bosch Laser, a turning base, a belt pouch, a laser target, an L-Boxx Inlay, and  two AA 1.5 Volt batteries.

So, What is the Difference?

 The difference in the Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam, is that it is equipped with the lasers vertical, horizontal and cross line modes. What that does, is uniquely project two lines, either independently or together, which allows the laser to project and emit lines into a wide array of leveling and plumb applications. In addition, the highly-visible laser lines have  a wide 130º horizontal and 160º vertical fan angle, each of which are easily-seen, as the long lines minimize the need to re-position the unit. Furthermore, a robust over-molded housing, makes a durable companion in all occasions as it is IP54 water and dust proof to ensure years of dependable operation. Finally, a specialized “Pulse” laser receiver m13588/692 mode is a great feature for use with the optional LR2 Laser Receiver for getting accurate readings at long distances, as well as is great for seeing clearly during jobs that involve bright lighting. Additionally, the Bosch GLL3-50 Three Line Laser with Layout Beam has a new WM1 positioning device with Microfine Height Adjustments,  along with retractable feet and a 1/4-20 plus, 5/8-11 tripod. Finally, the strong magnets slots are available  for screws or nails, as well as raceways for optional straps.

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