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Bosch LBOXX: Part 1

January 31, 2013

The Bosch LBoxx

LBOXX sizes by BOSCH

Bosh’s LBOXX Storage System is an ingenius idea that Bosch has created exclusively for their tool brand. The Bosch LBOXX system designed their boxes to stack up together securely, as you snap them together like a puzzle. The insides of thee boxes can be changed to fit the Bosch tool you want to store, and includes pre made hard inserts which have been fashioned to fit the desired make of the tool perfectly. In addition, the boxes come in four differing height options, the LBOXX-1, the LBOXX-2, the LBOXX-3, and the LBOXX-4. The LBOXX-1 is the smallest, with each box growing larger with each sequential number. Every version, regardless of height or size has three ways to carry them, including top, side, and front handles. In addition, they also come with just as many ways to pull, position, or carry the stacked LBOXX’s, thanks to their integrated locking clips.

“I Would Like A Heavier Tool Case”

- No One Ever

The LBOXX’s are hard cased, which is a reminiscent design of the hard metal type boxes you would receive when you made a purchase of a power tool kit in the 60′s through 90′s. Reminiscent however does not mean heavy, as the LBOXX’s are not made of steel but rather of hard plastic. Some may still lament over those long lost steel box days, but the LBOXX’s hard plastic is more than tough enough, but most importantly, is still pretty lightweight… Because no one has ever said they wish they had a heavier tool case to carry. The result is an easy to stack and lock system, that is like a brick stack, and is a snap for you to store or transport.


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