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Bosch LBOXX: Part 2 The Bosch 2.5A Oscillating Tool LBoxx and 37 Acc. MX25EL-37

January 31, 2013

Continuing on from Bosch’s LBOXX Part 1, we go onto Part 2 The Bosch MX25EL-37 2.5A Oscillating Tool LBoxx that comes with 37 Accessories, which is just one of the many power tool kits Bosch is currently rolling out with the new LBOXX cases.

An Oscillating Tool With The New LBOXX Case

Bosch 2.5A Oscillating Tool, LBoxx and 37 Acc. MX25EL-37

One of the tool kits that Bosch has introduced their new LBOXX system with is the Bosch 2.5A Oscillating Tool, LBoxx and 37 Acc. MX25EL-37.  The Oscillating tool has the versatility of design to be able to handle several applications across various types of materials. Think of this Oscillating Multi-Tool when you need to perform tasks that require; flush-cutting, plunge cutting, sanding, grinding, grout removal and scraping. This 2.5 amp power tool has plenty of get up and go and can handle even your heavy-duty applications convincingly. The variable-speed dial is perfect for zeroing in on the appropriate speed for each separate  application and material you are working with. DeWalt built in the “constant response circuitry” system in the MX25EL-37, which allows it to maintain the MX25EL-37′s speed even under heavy loads.

Making it Simple

Making power tools simpler is key, and Bosch truly strives for this with the MX25EL-37. This power tool uses the OIS oscillating tool accessories and includes an OSCAD1 adapter, which allows it to use many of the other leading competitors accessories. The durable accessory holder is easy to change and put into position for your accessories, requiring only an Allen wrench. In addition, the MX25EL-37 2.5 Amp Oscillating Tool with LBOXX is ergonomic, with a small grip circumference and soft grip areas, both of which offer your hands better comfort and overall control. The compact MX25EL-37 is small enough to reach the tightest of spaces, and agile enough to perform maneuvers that wouldn’t be possible with the standard sized, bigger-bulkier oscillating tools available.

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