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Bosch Power Box Dock For iPod PBA-100D

May 27, 2012

Bosch wants you to rock, so grab your hairspray, leather pants, Jean Jacket and freshly teased hair! Bosch has come out with the Bosch Power Box Dock For iPod PBA-100D so that you can listen to all of your personal playlists on the job site, office, or in the garage. The  Power Box  plays your music while it is actually  charging your iPod without cables, plugs or wires! How awesome is that! A protective white docking case has unique inserts to guard any size iPod from shock and movement, so if one of your buddies gets a little too into his groove while working and knocks into your IPOD dock, he won’t bust your iPod… Ensuring that you can remain friends. Boasting more than just a case, it’s also dust and weather resistant, so go ahead, and keep working while you play your tunes, no need to stop the chop saw on VanHalen’s or Ozzy’s account. The IPOD attaches within the Power Box’s protective roll cage and the dock plugs directly into a 12-volt auxiliary outlet and 3.5mm input jack. And the installation couldn’t be easier, you  simply remove and replace four screws.

The Bosch Power Box Dock PBA-100D includes one iPod Dock for Power Box, one Protected Docking Case, one Auxiliary Connector, and one Assorted Adapter Insert for Various iPods, which is great because the nanos are a different hook up than the larger iPods. Of course this kit does not include an actual IPOD, that my friend you have to buy on your own.

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