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Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio PB360S

May 20, 2012


The innovative Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio PB360S has the ability to follow you anywhere you want to go. Take this radio on a camping trip, to the job site, your work, the beach, the park, it goes anywhere and everywhere you are!

Tough and Tumble

The Bosch PB360S is tough with a moisture resistant quality, keeping the interior safe in bad weather that also protects from dust, featuring an IP rating of 54. If the work site is kicking up dust or knocks your radio around, no worries, your Bosch Worksite Radio is made of an aluminum and rubber roll cage, which means it was specifically engineered for construction site abuse. The Bosch Power Box PB360S may be tough but its design offers lots of cool features that aren’t usually found in construction site radios like, it has a plug in to charge your cell phone, a digital media bay, plays MP3 players, as well as SD memory cards and USB thumb drive storage devices.

Smart Options

The music is a 360-degree surround sound with four top quality speakers and subwoofers. If the radio is what you typically prefer to tune into, the Bosch PB360S has advanced digital tuning, as well as twenty FM radio presets and ten AM radio presets, which you can call upon with the touch of your fingertips. This means there’s no need to feel that you have to pick and choose between the radio stations you really love, you can simply preset them all! Included is a five preset equalizer setting option, with a separate bass and treble controls, making it easy to adjust for differing types of music. A CD drive is contained in the Bosch PB360S as well, just to offer you another option in music. The Bosch PB360S has two AUX in ports, a line out port, a battery, a charger bay, and a powered USB port. Several options can be used to power the radio on the worksite, as there is a four-way power outlet on it, a 12V DC adapter, 18V Bosch rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and an included power cord.

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