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Bosch T101B Wood & Plastic Clean Cut 4″ x 10 T-Shank Style Jigsaw Blades 5-Pack TPI

January 25, 2013

A Clean Cut

Bosch T101B Wood & Plastic Clean Cut 4" x 10 T-Shank Style Jigsaw Blades 5-Pack TPI

Any jigsaw blade can offer a simple cut through plastic or wood, but it’s getting a clean cut however that’s tricky! To solve this riddle, Bosch has made the Bosch T101B Wood & Plastic Clean Cut 4″ x 10 T-Shank Style Jigsaw Blades 5-Pack  TPI, to give superior cuts that leave your wood cut clean, and your plastics unblemished from heat and chipping. Although this Bosch jigsaw blade is recommended mainly for wood and plastics, it also ensures fine, clean cuts in a variety of materials including hard/soft woods, plastics, plywood, and laminated particleboard up to 3/16″ – 1-1/4″. Additionally, these T-shank blades can be used on a lot of different jigsaw models and are not exclusive to Bosch products alone, in fact they are suitable for jig saws from AEG, DeWalt, ELU, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee and many other leading brand names.

Jigsaw Leader

This explains one reason why Bosh is arguably the world-wide market leader for jig saw blades, as they continuously strive for uncompromising quality, innovative ideas, and have made their jigsaw blades available for universal use. These blades help fill the needs for miter cuts, straight cuts and even curved cuts, Bosch sells jigsaw blades designed to cut at the utmost superior performance levels.

The specifics of the Bosch T101B are that it has an overall length of 4″, a working length of 2.95″, a blade height of 0.28″, and a blade thickness of 0.06″. There are 10 variable gullets of teeth per inch, with a tooth design of ground teeth & taper ground back. This five pack of blades can preform three cuts including a straight cut, a fine cut, and a plunge cut.

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