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Bosch Wall Scanner Kit D-TECT150

December 1, 2012

Easily Detects Everything Behind Walls

Bosch Wall Scanner Kit D-TECT150

Guess-timating what is in your clients walls before you have to cut, is now a problem of the past. With the new Bosch Wall Scanner Kit D-TECT150, the problem has been solved. Going above and beyond what has been offered on the market before, the Bosch Wall Scanner is the absolute future of detection technology, as the D-TECT150 makes it possible for your work to include precision of the highest order, which no matter how you slice it means that this new product from Bosch will help you edge out the competition. This tool offers supremely accurate detection of any and all materials behind walls, this includes plastics, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electrical cables, wooden beams, studs, live AC wires, wooden items, and hard plastics such as floor and wall heating pipes. So how do they pull it all off?  With Bosch’s state of the-art, pantented, ultra wideband radar sensor system, also known as a UWB. Thanks to the ultra wideband radar sensor system, you can get dead accurate readings up to the millimeter. Any unseen objects are indicated by a unique acoustic and visual signal given off by the tool. The D-TECT150 has a maximum measuring depth of up to 15 cm. with a digital display of all unseen material, properties, and permitted drilling depth.

No Otter Box Required

Bosch made this wall scanner easy to navigate with a “intuitive user interface” which  utilizes a multilingual menu. This menu has very specific modes for different applications as well as an easy-to-read, (very large print on a bright screen), illuminated display. The robust design is made for butter fingers everywhere, or as the hipsters now dubb us slippery fingered people “iPhone killers”, but fear not… with the rugged design of this tool, no Otter Box will be required. Made to resist elements of rough use and rugged work sites, you may also be glad to know, that it also has dust and splash protection of up to a maximum rating of IP54. It even continues to remain completely functional, after being dropped from a height of up to 1 meter, without having to be recalibrated! (Top that Apple!) Included in this products features, are seven detection modes you choose from including; concrete, wet concrete, deep concrete, in-floor heating, drywall, metal and also a signal view. An adjustable sound indicator with LED Light can utilize three detection modes with green (no object in detected sensor area), red (object detected in sensor area), and red flashing (live wire detected in sensor area).


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