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Buy a Lathe Stand or Build One: Jet 321155K BD-920W 9″ x 20″Lathe With S-920N Stand

October 10, 2012

 Does Your Lathe Have Traveling Plans?

When buying a lathe many woodworkers wonder if they should buy a stand or build one. To solve this quandary you simply need to inquire of yourself one question, are you ever going to move this lathe or is it always going to be a permanent fixture in your shop?


Jet 321155K BD-920W 9" x 20"Lathe With S-920N Stand

If the answer is no, because you plan on always keeping the lathe in the same spot, then building a lathe stand will most likely be the best option for you. Building your own stand allows for creativity in the design and grants a lot more latitude where customization is concerned. Ultimately building a stand will allow you to configure your set up of drawers and shelves in a way that is most productive, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing for you. If building a stand sounds taxing however, then you would prefer to buy a steel stand that is ready to roll.

If you find that you fall in the category of the latter of the two, then the Jet 321155K BD-920W 9″ x 20″ Lathe With S-920N Stand may be perfect for you. The 321155KBD-920W’s spindle is supported by precision tapered roller bearings, which will give you a smooth running experience each and every time. Included in the design of the lathe and table is hardened and ground bedways along with a power longitudinal feed which easily allows threading. The standard 1-1/2″ x 8 TPI spindle mount allows for the use of a large amount of aftermarket accessories. Also included with the Jet lathe and table stand is a  reversing switch, which has been included for additional versatility, and a backlash adjustment which is offered throughout the entire carriage. Quite capable in its abilities, this lathe has a tailstock for adjustable taper cuts, and a quick-change gear box with a wide range of inch and metric threads.

Finally, when you purchase this Jet 321155K you receive a set of metric change gears, centers, a threading dial, a tool box and tools, a face plate, a fur-way tool post, and a steady and follow rest.

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