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Taking Care of Your Blades Featuring the Irwin 14076 10″ 80T Marathon Miter Saw Blade.

January 21, 2013

Irwin 14076 10" 80T Marathon Miter/Table Saw Blade

Taking Care of Your Blades

With any significant investment you make, it’s important to have a routine of upkeep associated with those items that you invest in and rely on so that you can get maximum life and maximum efficiency. From trucks to tools, the simple upkeep of cleaning and servicing keeps items in tip top shape. So when it comes to taking care of your blades you will find it easier to keep your blades cutting, if you perform routine maintenance procedures on them regularly.

Blades like the Irwin 14076 10″ 80T Marathon Miter Table Saw Blade, are typically employed to cut wood, and as such are prone to encounter sap on a continuous basis. This constant contact causes the sap to accumulate on the blade, and as the blade heats up, it becomes dull and cannot cut your stock as cleanly. In addition, where this problem may become pervasive, is when you discover that it ┬ácan no longer hold its edge. The answer to this problem, clean your saw blades after use and keep them clean.

Another problem frequently encountered is the side effects caused by pitch build up on blades, which is called saw blade burns. When a blade is full of pitch, it will slow down the cut of your wood, causing the ugly result of saw blade burns on your working materials. The answer again; Keep your saw blades clean and clean them after every use.

Cleaning your blades is easy. Begin by soaking them in mineral oil or oven cleaner over night, then wipe them down in the morning, it’s just that simple. Even if you buy the most superior saw available, if you do not take care of your blades, you won’t be able to achieve that high grade, professionally finished product you desire.

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