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DeWalt 70″ Contractor Single Lid Crossover Box DCS70B

March 21, 2013

Patented Foam Filled Lid And Stainless Steel Paddle The DeWalt 70″ Contractor Single Lid Crossover Box DCS70B  keeps your valuable tools safe and strong with a DeWalt patented foam filled lid structure that forms a solid insulated core for added strength and rigidity. Furthermore, DeWalt’s 70″ Contractor Single Lid Crossover has a stainless steel paddle handle lock, which ...

Greenlee 80″ X 60″ Field Office Storage Box 8060DLX

March 19, 2013

With A Slanted Work Surface And A Concealed Lock The Greenlee 8060DLX 80″ X 60″ Field Office Storage Box has a slanted work surface with a lockable, concealed storage area perfect for worry free tool storage on the job site. The concealed lock protectors are built to protect the storage box’s locks from would be thieve’s attempts to drill and ...

Holiday Shopping Guide: Best Gift Ideas For 2012 – Part Four

November 29, 2012

 Top 12 Gift Ideas Of 2012 In part four of our Holiday Shopping Guide: Best Gift Ideas for 2012, we bring our top 12 of ’12 to a close with three last gift ideas sure not to offend… When You Want To Get A Return On Your Investment… For all those times he bought you ...

Dealing With Jobsite Theft and How To Protect Yourself

April 2, 2012

Anyone who has waited anxiously for that final Friday whistle that caps a long week of rigorous labor, just to return on Monday to find all of his tools stolen, knows the frustration of dealing with jobsite theft. Each year various experts report that jobsite theft losses total over a billion dollars. When the jobsite ...

Job Site Security: Products Designed to Protect against Theft

April 1, 2012

   Job Site Safety : Product Round Up Continuing on with our job site safety expose, we have included some important products to consider in order to aid you in the protection and  security of your valuables on the worksite, your truck, and home. We selected each product carefully, keeping in mind  what our consumers ...