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Bosch: Today

June 26, 2012

Today Bosch is a leading global supplier generating $47.3 billion worldwide, as of the fiscal year 2010, and employs 285,000 people. Bosch has annual sales of 8.8 billion here in the United States, with 70 locations, and employs 22,000 employees in the U.S. In addition to tools, the company offers innovations in software solutions with ...

Bosch: A History

June 1, 2012

Robert Bosch, the 11th of 12 children, was born to well to do farmers in Southern Germany. His father, who was a farmer and freemason, was uncharacteristically well educated for a farmer. This led to a heightened emphasis of education in the Bosch home during Robert’s early years, propelling Robert to attend Realschule, a secondary ...

Bosch 10″ Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand 4100-09

May 31, 2012

The Bosch 4100-09 10″ Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand is a Bosch brand tool that keeps with the quality and standards that are known and associated with the Bosch family of products.  The Bosch 4100-09 offers you the precision and accurate cuts you need and expect for professional workmanship. It is designed to be perfect in ...

Bosch Power Box Dock For iPod PBA-100D

May 27, 2012

Bosch wants you to rock, so grab your hairspray, leather pants, Jean Jacket and freshly teased hair! Bosch has come out with the Bosch Power Box Dock For iPod PBA-100D so that you can listen to all of your personal playlists on the job site, office, or in the garage. The  Power Box  plays your music ...

Bosch Heavy-Duty Heat Gun 1942

May 20, 2012

You will be amazed at the Bosch 1942 Heavy-Duty Heat Gun and its many applications and abilities. This Heavy Duty Heat Gun only weighs 3.5 pounds but can strip paint with no difficulty, facilitate you in the task of shrink tubing and packaging, aid you in heating liquids, smoothly loosen fittings, assist you in softening caulking, help ...

Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio PB360S

May 20, 2012

  The innovative Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio PB360S has the ability to follow you anywhere you want to go. Take this radio on a camping trip, to the job site, your work, the beach, the park, it goes anywhere and everywhere you are! Tough and Tumble The Bosch PB360S is tough with a moisture resistant ...

Bosch 11245EVS 2-Inch SDS-Max Rotary Hammer

April 20, 2012

Digging Pro The Bosch 11245EVS is a digging pro tool! Using the spade that is composed of clay, running at a medium speed, you will witness the workload drastically reduced during terraforming, trenching, and digging. The Bosch 11245EVS Max Rotary Hammer aids you in drilling holes for jobs commercially and residentially. The lightweight hammer is ...

Bosch BH2760VCD Breaker Hammer Deluxe Kit

April 11, 2012

Less Vibration, More Comfort The Bosch BH2760VCD Breaker Hammer Deluxe Kit features technology called Active Vibration Control; this is a vibration reduction quality that is located inside the hammer mechanism and grip area that will deliver 50% less vibration versus the previous 11305 models. Comfort and added ease is an important inclusion in The Breaker ...