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Greenlee EK425LK11 6 Ton Crimper Tool with CJK Jaws with 120V Charger

December 13, 2013

The Works Greenlee gives you the works with the Greenlee EK425LK11 6 Ton Crimper Tool with CJK Jaws with 120V Charger. Fixing you up with a Crimping Tool, a CJD3 Jaws, a 120V Charger, and a 120V Battery. One Handed Operation The Greenlee  EK425L is easily operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free ...

Greenlee GATOR-EKG Gator Eye Diagnostic Tool

November 16, 2013

Monitors All Gator Tools The Greenlee Gator-EKG Gator Eye diagnostic Tool can be used in conjunction with all of Greenlee’s line of Gator tools. The Gator EKG eye, hooks up easily to your Gator tools, simply download the ipress software from Greenlee’s home website, then connect your USB to your PC or Mac and upload ...

Greenlee EK425LD11 6 Ton Crimping Tool with CJD3 Jaws with 120V Charger

November 13, 2013

One Handed Wielding Power Wondering why this idea hasn’t hit the market until recently, especially considering that it has been a major issue for a long time? Unless you are built like a blue Hindu god, the rest of us are mere two handed men, trying to figure out how to crimp with a two handed ...

Greenlee 55 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG55

September 28, 2013

The Go to Cutter of Choice   Tougher, bigger, and badder than the SDG45, the Greenlee SDG55 55 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter  accomplishes all the 45 can do and more!  This cutter should be a staple on every jobsite, as professionals tend to have a multitude of daily cutting needs and applications. So ...

Greenlee LP6-05 6 Ton Open Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaw

September 17, 2013

Greenlee Crimper Cutter Displays a Unique Head Design The Greenlee LP6-05 6 Ton Open Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaw includes the crimping too itself, along with the CJD3BJ jaw tool. In addition, the design of the Greenlee cutting and crimping tool has a unique spring loaded pin, which offers quick change over jaws. Furthermore a complete ...


September 12, 2013

Large Cutting Capabilities Built with large cutting capabilities in mind, the GREENLEE ESG105LU12 18V BATTERY-POWERED GATOR CABLE CUTTER WITH 12V CHARGER, has become Greenlee’s most ideal gator cable cutter for cutting the larger diameter materials made of copper and aluminum. Applications such as power cables, are a snap with this tool, and it can handle copper ...

Greenlee 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG45

September 7, 2013

Ability to Cut a Wide Range of Cutting Materials Providing the ability to cut through almost anything makes this cutter a valuable tool to have on hand, in the shop, on the site, and in the company truck. The Greenlee SDG45 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter is the go to cutter for professionals in the industry, as this ...

Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger EHP700LU11

September 5, 2013

Intelligent Programming With a high end design, the Greenlee EHP700LU11 Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger is far more intelligent than any other competitive brand’s offering currently selling on the market today. The EHP700LU11 offers a  3 in 1 program option that allows you to accomplish crimping, cutting, and punching functions. The real-time crimp force, easily monitors with ...

Greenlee 713 Plumber Stud Punch

August 31, 2013

King of Stud Punches The Greenlee 713 Plumber Stud Punch is a king in your hands! Greenlee has made a home run with this stud punch made for punching through steel with a without a problem. Running 2″ vent, water, or even waste pipes is a breeze with the large Greenlee Stud punch 713.  It is engineered to be ...

Greenlee 1/2″ – 2″ Electric PVC Heater/Bender 849

August 18, 2013

Made Simple For Everyday Use The Greenlee 849 1/2″ – 2″ Electric PVC Heater/Bender is made simple and small for every day portable use. It not only offers professional results for landscapers, but is small enough and portable enough to be used by your average layman as well. Lawn and landscaping maintenance companies will find that this tool is ...