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Occidental Leather Stronghold Lights 1546

August 16, 2013

Options that Create Flexibility The new Occidental Leather 1546 Stronghold Lights product line is a build off of the already existing Occidental Stronghold Suspenda Vest System. Both systems look like a cross of a vest and suspenders made to support the back, the Original Stronghold system was crafted as a flexible belt free system that one could add bags ...

Occidental Leather 5062 4 Pouch Pro Fastener Bag

August 11, 2013

Thick and Well Made The Occidental Leather 5062 4 Pouch Pro Fastener Bag is a thick well made bag that fits a 3″ belt. It has the very same features as the 5060, plus an additional outer pouch. Occidental Leather’s 5062 4 Pouch Pro Fastener Bag ranges from small to large and has the ability to fit several ...

Occidental Leather Suspender System 5055

June 7, 2013

Always Distributes Your Weight Evenly The Occidental Leather 5055 Suspender System has a reputation for great craftsmanship and especially for creating a suspender system with a well designed fit. Put this suspender system on and you will enjoy the convenience of the 5055′s even load distribution which is designed to Keep your back in the best possible position while ...

Occidental Leather Goodies:Occidental Leather 6010 Oxy Mug

May 10, 2013

Occidental Leather Junkie Showing off your love for Occidental Leather products is easy and below we compiled some of the greatest non-tool items available to you with the Occidental logo. Don’t be ashamed, go ahead and profess your loyalty to the world by researching some Occidental’s less known goodies. The Occidental Leather B315 Black Oxy Wallet Put ...

Occidental Leather 2580LH Left Handed SuspendaVest OxyLight Package

February 5, 2013

A Complete Tool System The Occidental Leather  Left Handed SuspendaVest OxyLight Package 2580LH is a complete tool system! The tool vest package comes ready with the 2500LH SuspendaVest, in addition to two patented occidental leather bags, which are the B8064LH 4 pouch bag and the B8017LH 2 pouch bag. In total, it has 36 pockets and tool ...

Occidental Leather Stronghold Big Oxy Set 5530LG

January 24, 2013

If You Like Big  Bags… The Occidental Leather Stronghold Big Oxy Set 5530LG  is made of a 3″ heavy duty work belt comprised of 12 oz. English bridle leather and has a steel roller bucklewill. This Big Oxy Set will no doubt put your old tool belt to shame, thanks to it’s 28 tool carrying pockets and holders, ...

Holiday Shopping Guide: Best Gift Ideas For 2012 – Part 2

November 27, 2012

12 Best Gift Ideas of 2012 Part Two! With tens of thousands of live products on our website,  being able to drill down and find the perfect gift for that special someone can be at a minimum daunting, and at most overwhelming. That’s  why we’ve rounded up our Toolup top 12 best gift ideas for ...

Occidental Leather Black Adjust-to-Fit Industrial Pro Electrician 9596

August 17, 2012

Occidental Leather is known for its attention to detail as well as its top notch, stiff thick leather that they use to manufacture their belt sets with. Its really their longevity and durability that sets them apart, as you will find that your Occidental Leather belt will outlast the competition’s. Occidental offers an option for ...

Occidental Leather Stronghold Carpenters Tote 9575

August 2, 2012

Occidental Leather is quickly becoming more and more the hands down go to guy for the very best in leather tool bags, belts, and pouches for quality that lasts and lasts. The successful  home grown Southern California Occidental Leather brand name is becoming synonymous with true craftsmanship and an ever growing fan base that supports the ...

Occidental Leather 5093 Right Handed Stronghold Beltless Six Bag Framer

April 26, 2012

In the construction industry and especially in the electrical trade, the weight of your belt while working can weigh you down and cause severe back pain. The Occidental Leather 5093 Right Handed Stronghold Beltless Six Bag Framer holds everything you need, while comfortably supporting your back. The decreased stress on your body leads to a longer productivity ...