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Leica ROTEO 35G DISTO D210XT Bonus Package 772787

November 15, 2012

Leica Company Spotlight Three indépendant companies share the Leica brand including Leica Camera AG in Solms Germany, Leica Microsystems GmbH in Wetzlar Germany, and Leica Geosystems AG in Heerbrug Switzerland. Of the three divisions, tools are the focal point of Leica Geosystems. With almost 200 years of experience measuring the world, Leica Geosystems has a ...

Wood’s Power-Grip Company Spotlight: A History

November 9, 2012

Howard Wood Innovates Material Handeling Wood’s Power-Grip began in 1946 with Howard Wood, who opened a shop in Wolf Point Montana that catered to repairing automotive, electric, and small engine repairs. The tool that launched the company was built in the 1960′s and was dubbed Wood’s Power-Grip Valve Grinder, which was invented to improve upon ...

Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp 785000 & Sumner Internal Rotary Ground Clamp 4″ – 8″ 780454

September 25, 2012

A pipe clamp is naturally a clamp for holding large pipes that are to be cut or threaded. The Sumner 785000 clamp is best in breed and holds pipes tight. The Sumner Hold-E Pipe Clamp 785000 is a quick, simple, safe clamp for holding pipe, especially when you need a pipe clamp that can exert serious pressure and securely hold ...

Ridgid SF-2500 Super Freeze – Pipe Freezing Kit 68967

September 21, 2012

The Ridgid SF-2500 Super Freeze – Pipe Freezing Kit 68967 comes with the new  Super Freeze pipe freezing tools! The Super Freeze tools make your repair job go smoother as they allows the contractor to keep the water systems he is working on in operation while he is making the pipe repairs. With the Ridgid Super Freeze ...

Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger EHP700L11

September 4, 2012

Specialized tools can seal the deal in many of your jobs, this tool in particular is hard to find but enormously useful and smart. The Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger EHP700L11 is a hydraulic pump set  that allows total user portability. The hydraulic pump has been carefully designed to be the very best on the ...

MultiQuip 180 Hz High-cycle Concrete Vibrator w/2.375″ head, 20 ft hose, 33 ft cord FXA60A6

August 13, 2012

One needs only to Google the words “concrete vibrator” to find a whirlwind of controversy surrounding the question, “does one need a concrete vibrator for concrete jobs?” This hotly debated subject centers around one point in general; does the concrete vibrator actually strengthen the concrete or not? Many sound-offs discuss the concrete vibrator as a ...

Milwaukee M18 Cordless 20oz. Aluminum Barrel Sausage Style Caulk and Adhesive Gun 2642-21CT Kit

July 28, 2012

  The Milwaukee 2642-21CT M18 Cordless 20oz. Aluminum Barrel Sausage Style Caulk and Adhesive Gun Kit delivers 950 pounds of dispensing force, all located within the toughest built caulking gun around. This Milwaukee Caulk and Adhesive Gun has been perfected and built with all metal gears, giving you the very best in industry technology, On this front, Milwaukee ...

Makita 5″ Concrete Planer PC5000C

July 26, 2012

Concrete planing is used to flatten and/or thin a slab of concrete. The Makita 5″ Concrete Planer PC5000C  is a hand held planer, which is about the size of a large angle grinder at 17″ in length. Concrete is notorious for its silica, which is extremely harmful when it is breathed in. The Makita PC5000C, ...

Ridgid SeeSnake Digital Recording Monitor 39328 CS10

July 17, 2012

The Ridgid SeeSnake Digital Recording Monitor 39328 CS10 is a specialty tool, manufactured for professional plumbers and is usually considered to be a high end piece of equipment. As such, the SeeSnake 39328 is produced and marketed mainly to the professional working in a specialized sector, who already has a key customer base in tact, and whom ...

Porter Cable 7″ Power Paint Remover 7403

July 13, 2012

 Many times when the Do-It-Yourselfer’s faced with a problem like paint scraping their house, big bog stores give them a plethora of options to try, such as gels or hand held scrapers, they also turn them onto the powered water pressure sprayers or even sanding. Pressure washers are okay for non porous materials but leave ...