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The Milwaukee M12 Sub-Scanner Cordless Detection Tool Kit 2290-21

July 1, 2012

Milwaukee, the company name that grows even more synonymous with innovation each day, has brought us yet another of their top of line specialty cordless tools, with the Milwaukee 2290-21 M12 Sub-Scanner Cordless Detection Tool Kit, which scans almost every surface you need. It easily measures the depth and location of rebar up to 6” through ...

Max Burton 6015 Portable Induction Cooktop Stove and Interface Disk Combination Set

April 24, 2012

  Fast and Safe Induction cooking is different than any other method of traditional cooking, mainly because it uses magnets to heat.  Induction heating has a power magnetic coil that gives out a high frequency electromagnetic field, that field then goes through the metal to the cooking pot and makes a circulating electric current, it is this ...