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Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Press Tool 1/2″ – 2″ Kit 2673-22

February 9, 2013

Milwaukee stands proudly behind the  Milwaukee 2673-22 M18 Force Logic Press Tool 1/2″ – 2″ Kit stating it to be the absolute leader with three main claims that their press tool is the smallest, the lightest and the most intelligent full size press tool currently offered on the market today. Uncompromising Ergonomics The Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool ...

Klein General Purpose Insulated Toolkit 33527

January 3, 2013

Working with Electrical Hazards Professionals that work with electricity include engineers, journeymen, and electricians, and are directly exposed to the dangers of electrical shock daily. OSHA has recognized electricity as a workplace hazard and has designed standards in all the places that electricity can harm people including general construction worksites, shipyards, and marine terminals. Although, ...

Greenlee GT-95 Voltage Tester (CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V)

December 30, 2012

Taking Care of your Voltage Tester Many technicians find that their voltage tester may not last through the first year of purchase. If thats your story as well, check out our tips for keeping your voltage tester in top shape. First off, never put your voltage tester in with your other tools in a tool ...


December 29, 2012

Variables of the Job Telecom field technicians deal with a new set of technical puzzles on a daily basis. This isn’t made much easier thanks to the sheer amount of equipment they must learn to master from different manufacturers, and if problem solving skills and expertise in a wide array of varying equipment was not ...

Bosch Wall Scanner Kit D-TECT150

December 1, 2012

Easily Detects Everything Behind Walls Bosch Wall Scanner Kit D-TECT150 Guess-timating what is in your clients walls before you have to cut, is now a problem of the past. With the new Bosch Wall Scanner Kit D-TECT150, the problem has been solved. Going above and beyond what has been offered on the market before, the Bosch Wall ...

DeWalt 12V MAX 5.8mm Inspection Camera with Wireless Screen Kit DCT412S1

October 3, 2012

The incredible selection of mini inspection cameras that a prospective consumer is confronted with currently can be overwhelming, often requiring a seemingly insurmountable amount of research if you don’t know exactly what your looking for… But that is where we can help… A Professional’s Kit The DeWalt DCT412S1 12V MAX 5.8mm Inspection Camera with Wireless Screen Kit gives you ...

Porter Cable 18V Bare Infrared Thermometer PCC581B

September 26, 2012

Compact and Made to Travel The compact size of the Porter Cable 18V Bare Infrared Thermometer PCC581B is made to make travel easy and storing the tool a snap. While carrying this Infrared Thermometer on your hip or in your pocket may not be noticeable, the superior performance of this device most definitely will be… And with ...

Milwaukee M12 160 x 120 Thermal Imager Kit 2260-21

August 10, 2012

The loudly touted Milwaukee 2260-21 M12 160 x 120 Thermal Imager Kit is quicker, more versatile, less trouble to operate, and more reliable to use than any other imager in its class. The 2260-21 comes as a complete kit including a professional thermal imager with 160 x 120 pixel resolution, and simple to learn software that makes ...

Ideal Tool Round Up: Ideal 35-053, Ideal 61-797, Ideal 35-078

August 2, 2012

A round up of three  great Ideal tools, detailing the uses and productivity that each one offers a professional. Ideal Ratcheting Cable Cutter 35-053 The Ideal Ratcheting Cable Cutter 35-053  is the real deal in expertly skilled cutting. The 35-053 can cut through 750 KCMIL cable, smaller hard-drawn copper, and all types of tough aluminum cable. The ...

Ideal HeatSeeker Thermal Imager 61-844

July 28, 2012

Ideal has made a tech savvy tool with the Ideal HeatSeeker Thermal Imager 61-844. With cleverly built in technology located inside Ideal’s newest thermal imaging camera, the operator can use it specifically for effortless maintenance monitoring, without operator training, for a trouble-free application. The Ideal HeatSeeker Thermal Imager 61-844 is simple to operate. It has an included ...