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Top Ten Power Tool Do’s and Don’ts: Part 2 Milwaukee 33-Degree Angle Drive Kit 48-06-2860

March 15, 2013

Power Tool Do’s And Don’ts Part 2: Power Tool Care and Tips 4. Use your power tools accessories and parts that are manufactured for the power tool model and type only. Follow this tip and you will not wear out, or damage a costly tool by trying to customize or skip an important piece the ...

Milwaukee 49-24-2301 M12 Heated Jacket 12v DC Plug Adapter

February 19, 2013

The Milwaukee 2331-XL M12 12Volt Cordless Heated Jacket haz created quite the stir the last couple of years, as it has sold out every Christmas season, while sales continue to rise. In celebration of a job well done we feature two components to this jacket. The 12 volt DC plug adapter and the M18 power source. Plug In ...

DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extraction – Chiseling DWH053K

January 27, 2013

No More Concrete Face Working on poured concrete walls and floors with drills, chisels, and hammers is a messy, dusty job, and having to contend with a constant barrage of concrete flying off while debris rains down can just be irritating. DeWalt solved this dilemma however, with the DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extraction – Chiseling DWH053K, and ...

Bosch T101B Wood & Plastic Clean Cut 4″ x 10 T-Shank Style Jigsaw Blades 5-Pack TPI

January 25, 2013

A Clean Cut Any jigsaw blade can offer a simple cut through plastic or wood, but it’s getting a clean cut however that’s tricky! To solve this riddle, Bosch has made the Bosch T101B Wood & Plastic Clean Cut 4″ x 10 T-Shank Style Jigsaw Blades 5-Pack  TPI, to give superior cuts that leave your wood cut ...

Taking Care of Your Blades Featuring the Irwin 14076 10″ 80T Marathon Miter Saw Blade.

January 21, 2013

Taking Care of Your Blades With any significant investment you make, it’s important to have a routine of upkeep associated with those items that you invest in and rely on so that you can get maximum life and maximum efficiency. From trucks to tools, the simple upkeep of cleaning and servicing keeps items in tip ...

Klein Overstrike Protector Large 5HOSPL

September 25, 2012

Over-strike damage is a fact when working with sledgehammers whether you use it for fire safety, construction, fence post work, or demolition work. Sledgehammers work hard!  Pounding boulders down to fine dust, breaking doors into two with a simple round of blows, and pounding the dirt to make fence posts. However with all of the ...

Saw Blades: Part Two

August 30, 2012

Part two of choosing a proper saw blade for the perfect cut you desire while performing your woodworking projects. Combination Blades Freud LU84M011 10 x 50 x 5/8 Combination Saw Blade Combination blades are just that, combining the attributes of the crosscut with the rip cut while offering the best benefits of both blades. With these ...

Saw Blades: Part One

August 30, 2012

Which to Choose? Achieving the perfect cut in your woodworking is two fold. First, you need to know how to choose the correct saw blade for the correct cut. Secondly, the blade should be sharp enough to easily sear through the wood without ruining your project. Nasty side effects like the burning and tearing of ...

DeWalt 65-Pc. Impact Ready Accessory Set DW2583

May 27, 2012

The DeWalt DW2583 65-Pc. Impact Ready Accessory Set comes in DeWalts trademarked bright yellow hue carrying case that lets others know that you are using a quality brand on the job. Professional contractors have trusted DeWalts tools for decades for their durable, top of the line service, and great warranty programs. The DeWalt name is known ...