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Makita HM1211B 20 lb. Demolition Hammer

July 18, 2013

Powerful 10 Amp Motor Expect the very best when you use a Makita, especially when it comes to power because Makita never pulls punches. The Makita 20 lb. Demolition Hammer HM1211B  is no exception to this rule, as it is built with a powerful 10 AMP motor that blows away impending material, working hard for the operator. The ...

Makita 27lbs AVT Demolition Hammer HM1214C (SDS-Max)

June 12, 2013

Powerful Makita Motor with a Counterbalance System   This Makita Demolition Hammer is engineered with a powerful 14 AMP motor, and is designed to handle the operator’s most demanding and diverse work applications, the 27 pound Makita HM1214C 27lbs AVT Demolition Hammer (SDS-Max) truly delivers. Included is Makita’s new anti-vibration technology, also referred to as AVT, it is Makita’s ...

Makita 11 lb. Demolotion Hammer, SDS-MAX, var. spd., case HM0870C

March 12, 2013

Makita Quality in a Hard Hitting Demolition Hammer The Makita 11 lb. Demolotion Hammer, SDS-MAX, var. spd., case HM0870C comes ready with a side handle, bit grease, a cleaning cloth, and a Makita tool case to carry your demolition hammer and all it’s accessories in. This Makita Demolition Hammer is designed to be hard hitting with less ...

Milwaukee SDS-max Demolition Hammer 5339-21

January 15, 2013

A Great Demo Hammer’s Key is Balance with Power and Weight Demolition work is tough and dirty, especially when dealing with concrete and masonry. If you work in a large city and find yourself doing this type of prep work, more likely than not you need to rely on a demolition hammer that has the ...

Milwaukee 3/4-Inch Hex Demolition Hammer 5337-21

June 27, 2012

  Milwaukee, a name recognized and regarded as synonymous with quality innovation, has created another marvel with the 5337-21 3/4-Inch Hex Demolition Hammer. Milwaukee, always on the look out for a better way to build a tool; performs in strides once again. The Hex Demolition Hammer is a heavy-duty and robust electric hammer that can be used for ...