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Milwaukee Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit 4270-21 – 450 RPM

July 21, 2013

Power and Durability Power and durability are a successful combination in the Milwaukee 4270-21 Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit – 450 RPM. Power runs high with a truly powerful 9.0 amp, 1.1 max HP motor, that will roar through your applications. Additionally, a durable design allows this unit to withstand drops and heavy duty use that occurs on ...

Milwaukee 4208-1 Adjustable Position Electromagnetic Drill Press with No. 3 MT Motor

May 13, 2013

Milwaukee’s Electromagnetic Drill Press is Well Designed The Milwaukee 4208-1 Adjustable Position Electromagnetic Drill Press with No. 3 MT Motor is an impressive array of thoughtful details coupled with a well engineered design. The Milwaukee Electromagnetic Drill runs on 120 Volts and has a drill point pressure of  1,530/1,600 pounds, and a no load speed of 500/250 RPM’s. It has ...

Jancy USA5 Magnetic Drill 18066

November 19, 2012

Magnetic Drill Press Basics Drill presses come in differing sizes and commonly include standard manual feed magnetic drills and portable magnetic drills with annular cutters.  Your basic portable magnetic drill is the most versatile with the ability to conquer several applications that a power tool cannot handle such as tough, rusty, scaly, and painted materials. ...

Milwaukee Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press – 450 RPM 4270-20

August 30, 2012

Why Buy A Drill Press for Woodwork? Wood workers know that a drill press offers more precision than a power drill and with a stand it can drill exceptionally deep holes that a hand held drill wouldn’t dream of completing.  It can also be preset to acquire the right depth for your hole to be ...