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New Proto Air Tools: The J150RSH 1/2″ Drive Sealed Ratchet And J138RSH 3/8″ Drive Sealed Ratchet

November 25, 2013

Two New Air Tools From Proto Today we introduce two new air tools from Proto that come with Proto’s lifetime guarantee, the J150RSH 1/2″ Drive Sealed Head Air Ratchet and the J138RSH 3/8″ Drive Sealed Head Ratchet. Both Ratchets feature titanium housing which helps to greatly reduce the overall weight, as well as to ensure improve ...

Greenlee 713 Plumber Stud Punch

August 31, 2013

King of Stud Punches The Greenlee 713 Plumber Stud Punch is a king in your hands! Greenlee has made a home run with this stud punch made for punching through steel with a without a problem. Running 2″ vent, water, or even waste pipes is a breeze with the large Greenlee Stud punch 713.  It is engineered to be ...

Estwing Lightweight Rock Picks Leather Grip E13P

July 27, 2013

EstWing has a new product line for geological surveying including their lightweight rock Pick with a leather grip, the E13P, the Geo Rock Bag GRB, the Steel Gold Pan 16-16, and the Geo/Paleo PickGP-100. The Lightweight Rock Picks Leather Grip E13P is made in the USA with a beautiful leather grip and is 12.5″ in length. Estwing’s ...

EstWing Tomahawk Axe Leather Grip ETA

July 25, 2013

Estwing has a new line of Tomahawks and Black Eagle Double Bit Axes including the Estwing Leather Black Eagle Tomahawk leather grip ETA, the Estwing Black Eagle Double Bit Axe EBDBA, and the Estwing Black Eagle Double Bit Axe E6-DBA. The EstWing ETA Tomahawk Axe Leather Grip is 16.25 inches in length, and is an American-made Leather Black Eagle ...

EstWing MRF40BS 40 oz Sure Strike fiberglass blacksmith hammer

July 24, 2013

Estwings new product line of hammers is here with the EstWing MRF40BS 40 oz Sure Strike fiberglass blacksmith hammer, the EstWing MRW25LM 25 oz Sure Strike framing hammer with hickory handle, and the Estwing Fiberglass handle ball peen hammer MRF16BP. The EstWing MRF40BS 40 oz Sure Strike fiberglass blacksmith hammer is a 14″ in length 40 oz. Blacksmith’s hammer. Made with USA  forged steel ...

Crescent Tools CTK70MP 70 Piece Socket and Tool Set with Hard Case and Wrap

April 27, 2013

The Crescent Tools CTK70MP 70 Piece Set Has Everything You Need To Get You Started The Crescent Tools CTK70MP 70 Piece Socket and Tool Set with Hard Case and Wrap  comes with a 3/8″ DRIVE set that includes everything from a 72-tooth quick-release ratchet drive, one  3″ extension, to 16 total 12-Point Sockets including; a 3/8″, a 7/16″, a 1/2″, a 9/16″, a ...

Klein 12″ Heavy-Weight Hacksaw 701-12

April 3, 2013

Klein’s Versatile 701-12 Hacksaw The Klein 12″ Heavy-Weight Hacksaw 701-12 has a blade length of 12″ and an overall length of 16″ and is a professional tool with a tough and rugged build that is specifically designed for heavy-duty sawing applications. With the 701-12 Klein has focused on designing a hacksaw that displays cutting versatility in an assortment ...

EstWing Solid Steel Carpenters Hatchet 3.625″ Cutting Edge E32H

February 15, 2013

Are Carpenter’s Hatchets Obsolete? Carpenter hatchets, otherwise known as rigging axes, were widely used years ago during the building boom following World War 2, as men found themselves mainly working with a lot of rough-sewn lumber they used for framing, shingling, and building new industrial and residential structures. In their day, carpenter’s hatchets were the ...

DIY Breaking Up a Concrete Slab: Part 2 Union Tools Cutter Mattock 30136

January 19, 2013

Part Two of DIY: Breaking Up a Concrete Slab goes on to explain how to finish breaking up the concrete slab with the help of a mattock and bolt tool to cut out rebar. How to Use the Mattock  on your Concrete Slab Once the concrete is loose don’t try to use your bare hands ...

Greenlee Tape Measure Double-Sided 1″ x 25′ 0155-25A

December 17, 2012

Tape Measurer Tips A tape measurer- aka retractable tape measure, is a very general tool that is practically a required item in every man’s tool box. This goes doubly if you are a wood worker. So does it matter which one you pick to buy? We think so, here are some tips and information that ...