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Stiletto 5-Piece TiBone Combo Kit

August 6, 2012

This hammer is a pleasurable working experience, especially if you are a seasoned veteran who experiences the occasional joint discomfort associated with years of hard hitting hammer blows. Even for the less chronically injured, this tool offers sanctuary from the abuse caused by using heavy hammers.  Why? Because the Stiletto 5-Piece TiBone Combo Kit offers some of ...

Klein Metric Wire Stripper/Cutter for Stranded Wire 1011M

July 26, 2012

Klein Tool was established in America in the late 1800’s and continues to manufacture their quality tools right here in America where they were they have continued a legacy of over a hundred years of hand tool success. Who else can offer over a century of knowledge on the hand tool industry? Very few, to ...

Stiletto 14 oz. Mini Ti Bone Hammer TBM14RMS

July 17, 2012

Stiletto brand hammers are known to be the very best in the business for their hard hitting appeal while still delivering 10 times less recoil shock per blow. The Stiletto TBM14RMS 14 oz. Mini Ti Bone Hammer is a framer’s hammer that features a steel replaceable face and hits like a 24 ounce hammer. What this means ...

Greenlee Mini Magnetic Bubble Level L77

July 15, 2012

Greenlee has been producing and innovating tools for the electrician trade for over 70 plus years. Each year they continue to add to their line as they strive to create products to fill every need that the professional electrician may encounter. Many times, the most useful items are overlooked because they are not power tools ...

Klein Stubby Multi Bit Screwdriver/ Nut Driver with Square Recess Bit 32562-5

July 13, 2012

We’ve talked about the quality behind the Klein name so much in the last few weeks that were not going to cover them again. So if you don’t know who Klein is by now, then check out the manufacturer spotlight. The bottom line though, is that Klein makes excellent hand tools and if you check ...

Proto 5-5/8″ Multi-Purpose Tool J18575

July 10, 2012

  The Proto J18575 5-5/8 Multi-Purpose Tool features a wide comfortable handle and 15 functions. With such versatility this tool is almost guaranteed to be utilized constantly as it  proves over and over to be a tool that every man needs. Now you might be wondering, what do I get with 15 functions, the answer; pliers, a ...

Klein Demolition Driver 602-4DD & Klein Demolition Driver 602-7DD

June 28, 2012

There is good reason Klein tools tend to last longer and stronger than any other hand tool you own in your tool box, it’s because they are simply made better. Made to take and give the abuse of a busy worksite, Klein’s new 602-4DD and 602-7DD do not disappoint, yet again. Klein introduces two new ...

Klein Multi-Purpose Electrician’s Tool – 8-22 AWG 1001

May 31, 2012

In honor of Kleins 150th birthday celebration, we thought we would do a post on the tool that began it all for Klein Tools, the pliers. This set is Klein’s Multi-Purpose Electrician’s Tool – 8-22 AWG 1001. This 150th anniversary edition certainly is an updated tool compared to  the pair of pliers Mr. Klein produced in ...