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Leica DISTO D5 Laser Distance Meter 764553

January 2, 2013

Dedicated to Distance Measuring Leica is known for its specialization in distance measuring equipment and technology. Known to produce brilliant top of the line accurate measurements that you cannot find with other big brand tool companies, they have successfully branched out into almost every facet of the world wide tool industry. Leica has dedicated years ...

DeWalt Laser Plumb Bob Kit DW082K

November 30, 2012

The Rise of The Plumb-Bob A plumb -bob originally got it’s name from the latin word plum bum meaning “lead”, and was later changed from plum to plumb with a little help from the French. Although it might be easy to infer that the origins of the name could possibly indicate that the plumb-bob was ...

Holiday Shopping Guide: Best Gift Ideas For 2012 – Part Three

November 28, 2012

Best Tools of 2012 Continuing on with our first annual holiday shopping guide, we give you three more great gifts from the Toolup top 12 Best Gifts Ideas of 2012. When You Want To Light Up A Room… This laser lights up a room just as bright as any Christmas tree, but without the hassle ...

Leica ROTEO 35G DISTO D210XT Bonus Package 772787

November 15, 2012

Leica Company Spotlight Three indépendant companies share the Leica brand including Leica Camera AG in Solms Germany, Leica Microsystems GmbH in Wetzlar Germany, and Leica Geosystems AG in Heerbrug Switzerland. Of the three divisions, tools are the focal point of Leica Geosystems. With almost 200 years of experience measuring the world, Leica Geosystems has a ...

Leica LINO P5 5 Point Laser Kit 777068

November 1, 2012

About Leico Geosystems Leica Geosystems specializes in spatial technology. Offering a vast array of levelers, GPS, locators, machine control, total stations, lasers, and data collectors. Leading with competitive pricing and locations all over the world, with a special emphasis here in the United States, Leica sets the standard by offering training, service, and rentals on ...

CST Berger 5″ Digital Theodolite 56-DGT10

September 10, 2012

The CST Berger 56-DGT10 5″ Digital Theodolite serves in the emetics engineer industry as it  collects and assists in spatial data infrastructures. Geomatic engineers commonly use a wide variety of technologically advanced tools, which are employed to distance meter a total station. The theodolite 56-DGT10 is designed to assess directional controls throughout tunnel excavation, precise marking, and  alignment in ...

CST Berger Electronic LCD Dial-In Horizontal/Vertical Self-Leveling Interior/Exterior Rotary Laser 57-ALGRPKG

August 27, 2012

CST/Berger is known for its superior leveling and precision technical equipment throughout the construction and tool industry. This packaged kit is no exception to the high standards CST/Berger has always strived to maintain. The  CST Berger 57-ALGRPKG Electronic LCD Dial-In Horizontal/Vertical Self-Leveling Interior/Exterior Rotary Laser is an electronic self leveler, which showcases the products ability to ...

DeWalt Self-Leveling Line Laser DW087K

August 21, 2012

Many people in the construction industry purchase the DeWalt DW087K Self-Leveling Line Laser with the intentions to do something as  simple as a cabinet job, yet find that once they start using the DW087K, its possibilities become endless. Big jobs to little jobs, residential to industrial, all will become a snap. Projects such as leveling your new ...

CST Berger Rotary Laser with Detect LD400 Detector 57-LMH-CU

July 31, 2012

One of the greatest aspects of buying at Toolup.com is that we either stock, or offer those hard to find specialized products that you often can’t find anywhere else. The CST Berger 57-LMH-CU Rotary Laser with LD400 Detector is designed to make leveling a snap, even on your biggest jobs. The CST Berger 57-LMH-CU will prove itself ...

CST Berger Automatic Dual-Beam Self Leveling Laser Complete Package 57-LM800PKG

June 27, 2012

The  CST Berger Automatic Dual-Beam Self Leveling Laser Complete Package 57-LM800PKG is the ultimate designed dual beam kit. This laser offers a dual slope rotary laser with a horizontal and vertical self leveler as well as a plethora of features that ensure the LM800 is robust enough for outdoors, but can be utilized indoors as well. ...