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MultiQuip 19.7″ x 20.7″ Plate Compactor 3450 pounds force, 4 cycle MVC88VGH

February 27, 2013

The Technically Advanced Multiquip Plate Compactor The MultiQuip 19.7″ x 20.7″ Plate Compactor 3450 pounds force, 4 cycle MVC88VGH is one of the newest and most technically advanced compactors available on the market. Normally, something so advanced might seem like it would be complicated to figure out, but that’s their simple genius as Multiquip designed the MVC88VGH ...

Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit 2432-22

February 22, 2013

Milwaukee Built The ProPEX to be Effortless to Use with Fast Expansion The Milwaukee M12 ProPEX Expansion Tool Kit 2432-22 comes with the 2432 ProPEX Expansion Tool, plus two M12 RED LITHIUM Batteries, a 30-minute charger, three heads including a 1/2″, a 3/4″, and a 1″, grease, and of course a carrying case to store and transport your tool and accessories ...

Greenlee Electric Hydraulic Pump With Pendant 980

February 12, 2013

Manual Hydraulic Pumps VS Electric Hydraulic Pumps Maual pumps come in several differing sizes and can provide all the cylinder application of lifting, pushing, and pulling. The upside of having a manual hydraulic pump model is the fantastic ease of portability that the manual models offer, as well as not having to worry about or ...

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Press Tool 1/2″ – 2″ Kit 2673-22

February 9, 2013

Milwaukee stands proudly behind the  Milwaukee 2673-22 M18 Force Logic Press Tool 1/2″ – 2″ Kit stating it to be the absolute leader with three main claims that their press tool is the smallest, the lightest and the most intelligent full size press tool currently offered on the market today. Uncompromising Ergonomics The Milwaukee Force Logic Press Tool ...

Milwaukee 4V Li-Ion Screwdriver 0490-22

January 16, 2013

Top Ten Pluses of the Milwaukee 4V Li-Ion Screwdriver 0490-22 1o. A handy little tool to tighten up screws around the house. 9. Will not over drive screws and crack wood. 8. Great for working at awkward angles. 7. No need for a screw bit. 6.  It has a drilling option! 5. Keeps a steady charge. ...

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Multi-Tool Kit 2426-22

December 31, 2012

Many Uses For This Small But Mighty Tool The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Multi-Tool Kit 2426-22 looks may fool you! This multi tool can do almost any renovation task you can imagine! With an adapter that hooks up to a plethora of accessories including it’s competitors, saying this tool is versatile, would be a gross understatement. The wide ...

Greenlee GT-95 Voltage Tester (CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V)

December 30, 2012

Taking Care of your Voltage Tester Many technicians find that their voltage tester may not last through the first year of purchase. If thats your story as well, check out our tips for keeping your voltage tester in top shape. First off, never put your voltage tester in with your other tools in a tool ...


December 29, 2012

Variables of the Job Telecom field technicians deal with a new set of technical puzzles on a daily basis. This isn’t made much easier thanks to the sheer amount of equipment they must learn to master from different manufacturers, and if problem solving skills and expertise in a wide array of varying equipment was not ...

Bosch 5″ TuckPointer 1775E

December 3, 2012

Tuckpointing FYI Tuckpointing is performed on buildings, bed/head joints, monuments, chimneys, and other  structures constructed with masonry and brick. The life span of a brick structure depends mainly on the quality of the workmanship and the elements, with most structures lasting roughly 20 years before breakdown begins to be visible. Additionally, water can play a ...

Kett 14 Gauge Electric Shear KD440

October 31, 2012

Kett Kett has a reputation with professionals as creating some of the highest quality metal cutting and fabricating products available. Kett has been around since the 1940′s and has stuck to innovating what they know best,  ”stuff that cuts!”. Originally a woodcutting tool company, World War Two brought them into the metal cutting world as ...