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CH Hanson 45 True Folding Layout Square 00045

September 3, 2012

Layout Square Functions

A layout square is made in a triangular-shaped fashion and is used as a measuring tool specifically for producing square marks or angles on wood. Layout squares are available in two sizes, the 6 inch model, which is generally the most popular, and the 12-inch model. The layout square is designed to complete three helpful functions. Primarily a layout square is most often utilized to make square marks on a piece of wood, which works well when you need to make a square cut on your stock. Secondly, the  layout square is designed to help you cut angles. It has markings on the actual tool specifically geared in order to aid you in drawing a precise angle, thus enabling you to employ a mark or cut on your wood. To do so, the layout square is put with the square corner at the point where the angle meets the long axis of the stock. Then, check the angle based on the marks you made with the layout square. Lastly, a layout square gives you the ability to not only cut angles but to find angular dimensions and determine an existing angle. The purpose of knowing the angle of a cut is needed when you are trying to determine an angle for a bevel, a miter, or for setting the bevel.  Lastly, a layout square gives you the ability to mark angles to determine an existing angle.

Innovative Measurement

The CH Hanson 00045 45 True Folding Layout Square is a folding layout tool with a 90 degree as well as two 45 degree angles. Considered innovative as it is a folding and framing utility square, which features a patented positive locking mechanism. The CH Hanson 00045 Folding Layout Square is made to produce an accurate and  perfect square every time.


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