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Channellock: The 88 6-N-1 Rescue Tool, 480, And 369CRFTCB

October 9, 2012

Channel Lock has been making hand tools for over 130 years with a line of over 100 tools to choose from. Here we highlight three of Channel Locks most successful hand tools including a rescue tool used by Fireman and Police.

Quality from the Outside In

Channel Lock 369CRFTCB 369CRFTCB Code Blue Plier

The Channel Lock 369CRFTCB Code Blue Plier is made with a high-carbon C1080 steel that delivers superior performance on all of your jobs. To aid in this is an electronic coating on the outside of the tool for ultimate rust prevention. The hand grips have a special Santoprene core with a TPR-rubber overmold which is designed for durability, comfort, and a secure hand grip. Channel Lock has included a designation on each of their tool’s Code Blue grips, this enables an easier way to identify each tool in your tool belt by just eyeballing it. The Code Blue grips are also designed for tool endurance and durability as well as hand comfort. The Channel Lock 369CRFTCB Code Blue Plier has a high leverage, a round nose, and can easily cut ACSR. It also performs crimps on insulated and non-insulated terminals, strips 12″ AWG wire, has a 12″ AWG wire looper, and a fish tape puller.

Mr. Big

The Channel Lock 480 20.25″ Big AZZ Tongue and Groove Plier  at 20.25 inches is big enough for any job, and at this size everything else may fall short but this set never will.

Channellock 480 Big AZZ Plier

It has a right angle teeth grip in all directions, offering you a maximum bite with a minimum wear. It also has three patents the first is the undercut tongue and groove design made to assure the BigAZZ 480 has a no slip, jaw action. The second is a patented reinforcing edge which minimizes any stress and breakage. Thirdly, it has a patented PermaLock fastener which eliminates the problems associated with nut and bolt failures. This tool comes with the distinctive ChannelLock Blue comfort grips and has 12 adjustment lengths up to 20-1/4″, with a 5-1/2″ capacity.

Rescue Me

The Channel Lock 88 6-N-1 Rescue Tool is ready for heavy duty use with laser heat-treated cutting edges made to cut wires and cables effortlessly.

Channellock 88 6-N-1 Rescue Tool

The Spanner Wrench tightens and loosens up to 6″ hose couplings and has a tool steel punch that effectively shatters safety glass. In addition, It has the ability to pry open windows and doors, and can shut off gas and safety valves. With this kind of accessibility, it is  no wonder that the 88 6-N-1 is the firefighter’s choice.

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