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CST Berger 5″ Digital Theodolite 56-DGT10

September 10, 2012

The CST Berger 56-DGT10 5″ Digital Theodolite serves in the emetics engineer industry as it  collects and assists in spatial data infrastructures. Geomatic engineers commonly use a wide variety of technologically advanced tools, which are employed to distance meter a total station. The theodolite 56-DGT10 is designed to assess directional controls throughout tunnel excavation, precise marking, and  alignment in construction, and can also be used in engineering applications. Its size is small at  5″, but do not be fooled by its minute size, as it’s abilities and options are seemingly endless.
A state of the art glass encoder is constructed into the 56-DGT10, which displays a 5 second horizontal and vertical readout with great precision on this device’s sophisticated dual LCD panels. In addition, deciphering your readings couldn’t be easier as this theodolite provides large, visible  numbers on the screen. The vertical tilt sensor monitors the tilt angle in the 56-DGT10′s x-axis, and the vertical angle measuring also provides three differing options as well as a grade percentage.

The CST Berger Digital Theodolite 56-DGT10 will automatically turn off after 20 minutes of inactivity, sensing whether or not  it has been moved. If the user desires they can choose the 30 minute or infinity option instead of the standard 20 minutes.  An optical plummet is included, as well as a zero resetting, and thanks to its sealed construction, is water resistant. A removable tribrach is designed to afford the operator an option for multiple set-ups, and a built-in battery pack is simply attached, and detached, in a single action design.


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