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CST Berger Electronic LCD Dial-In Horizontal/Vertical Self-Leveling Interior/Exterior Rotary Laser 57-ALGRPKG

August 27, 2012

CST/Berger is known for its superior leveling and precision technical equipment throughout the construction and tool industry. This packaged kit is no exception to the high standards CST/Berger has always strived to maintain. The  CST Berger 57-ALGRPKG Electronic LCD Dial-In Horizontal/Vertical Self-Leveling Interior/Exterior Rotary Laser is an electronic self leveler, which showcases the products ability to  give the user an accurate and reliable performance, that is specifically designed for the professional that must fill the demands of fast and accurate leveling on the job. The power and precision of the ALGR is also designed for that very same professional that requires optimum versatility while working on site. It has a dual dial-in grade, includes horizontal and vertical self-leveling, as well as offers all these features and more with easy access with the included on-board LCD screen. Additionally, grade control is available for use through the multi-function LCD, as well as vertical self-leveling with lay down, which makes the job a lot simpler to navigate.

The CST Berger 57-ALGRPKG  specifications are as follows: a laser diode of 635 nm and 10mW, an accuracy horizontal of 1/16″ at a 100 feet, an accuracy vertical of 1/8″ at a 100 feet, up to 2800 foot diameter with detector range, a electronic type self leveler at 5 degrees, a dual dial grade, and it is suitable for general construction in all weather types. With the purchase of the package, the CST Berger 57-ALGRPKG includes an LD440 Detector, four alkaline “D” cell batteries, a carrying case, a V-mount, two targets, a glass, a remote, a tripod, and a rod.


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