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CST/Berger: Today

July 10, 2012

The union between Berger Instruments to Chicago Steel Tape came when CST acquired Berger specifically for its precision optical instruments. The owner, Dennis Nardini, an Italian kid from a Chicago Heights neighborhood known as Hunger Hill, was responsible for engineering the acquisition. Years later, he would be there to announce Stanley Tool’s acquisition of his Chicago Steel Tape Company, as well as the CST/Berger brand. The merge with Stanley provided a broader company base in a market segment where Stanley Tools lacked any competing products. Specifically they were interested in laser and surveying equipment and leveling tools. The initial acquisition of CST/berger, by Stanley provided an edge with professional clients in the construction and surveying industry, world wide. At the time of its sale, CST/berger was reported to be worth $3 billion, but Nardini accepted $63 million. It was later reported that  Dennis Nardini felt at the time that it was a square deal.

CST/Berger changed hands once again when Bosch Tool Corporation purchased it in 2008, CST/Berger was given greater access to the seemingly unlimited resources and deep pockets that Bosh offered. This in turn helped to establish CST/Berger as the top brand name in the manufacturing of layout and measuring tools.This merger also created an opportunity for CST/Berger to become a leader as a worldwide company  in designing and developing the leveling and layout instruments and accessories for the construction surveying industry. In addition the integration with Bosh provided 300 employees with jobs in 5 international plants. Today, CST/Berger also currently develops, designs, manufacturers and sells more than 1000 products. Their website proclaims that their products are competitively priced and are marketed to the professional who seeks superior performance from his/her tools. With over a 100 years of combined experience and state of the art technology, CST/Berger has continued to grow and prosper to become the very best in its field as the manufacturer of building and construction measuring, leveling, and surveying instruments.






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