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DCS372B DeWalt 18V Metal Cutting Circular Saw (Tool Only)

June 15, 2013

Powerful Cuts

DCS372B 18V Metal Cutting Circular Saw (Tool Only)

Professionals can make powerful cuts on all types of metals with the DeWalt DCS372B 18V Metal Cutting Circular Saw (Tool Only), which is built tough with 18 volts for the very best cutting experience that will deliver superior results and a professional finish. Engineered with a powerful 400 MWO and a 3700 rpm motor, this metal cutting saw delivers a truly powerful performance that when coupled with this device’s excellent speed, enables the most demanding cuts to be made with ease.

Carbide Tipped Metal

The DCS372B DeWalt 18 Volt has the latest and best technology available from Dewalt including a 5-1/2” 30T carbide tipped metal cutting blade. This carbide tipped blade assists the operator in achieving cleaner cuts, and is designed to cut through a variety of materials including the ability to cut through metallic construction materials.

A Clear View and a High Strength Shoe

The DeWalt Metal Cutting Circular Saw has no blind spots that could impede the user, as DeWalt’s SIGHT-LINE window provides a clear view of the work materials engaged by the device, from either side of the blade. In addition, a high strength steel shoe has been engineered and built into the saw, specifically to give this power tool ultimate durability and a high resistance against possible chip buildup. Finally, this DeWalt high performance industrial tool is solidly backed with a 90 day money back guarantee, a 3 year limited warranty, and a 1 year service contract.

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