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DeWalt 12V MAX Hand Held Radar Scanner Kit DCT418S1

June 16, 2013

 Patent Pending Technology

DeWalt 12V MAX Hand Held Radar Scanner Kit DCCT418S1

DeWalt’s 12V MAX Hand Held Radar Scanner Kit DCT418S1 works to be the operator’s eyes when he needs to see behind walls, ultimately eliminating the need to cut small holes into a wall to try and ascertain what you are dealing with. No more guestimating is necessary when using the DCT418S1 12V Max Hand Held Radar Scanner. In addition, this scanner comes with cutting edge, patent pending technology from Dewalt, that easily displays obstructed objects whether they be wood, ferrous metals, non ferrous metals, PVC, or even live electric wires.  Trust me, the Man Of Steel has nothing on the DCT418S1. Additionally, this DeWalt Radar Scanner easily scans through multiple surfaces including standard drywall, plywood, concrete, marble, and ceramic tile.

Automatic Mapping and Tracking Bar Display

The DeWalt DCT418S1 Radar Scanner  has several accommodating features to aid the operator in his/her scanning. One of the handiest features is the automatic mapping. This feature processes all the embedded materials simultaneously, thus eliminating the operator’s chore of having to constantly repeat the calibration. Another feature to the DeWalt Scanner is the LCD color screen, which measures 3.5″ LCD display, which offers improved visibility, accurate indications of the object type, and it’s location. The last great feature is the tracking bar display, which offers a conduit to the objects locations. An entire mapped location could be up to 9.8 feet in parameter.

DCT418S1 Kit Inclusions

The DeWalt DCT418S1 12 Volt Hand Held Radar Scanner Kit comes with the hand held scanner, one 12 volt max Li-ion battery pack, a fast charger for the battery, and a kit box. DeWalt also offers a three year limited warranty, a 90 day money back guarantee and a service contract with this product.

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