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DeWalt 12V/20V MAX Work Site Charger Radio DCR015

April 22, 2013

USB Ports and a Class D Amplifier

DeWalt 12V/20V MAX Work Site Charger Radio DCR015

Brand new, the DeWalt 12V/20V MAX Work Site Charger Radio DCR015 comes with a long list of cutting edge Dewalt features and technology that are specifically geared towards keeping you jamming longer. First, the DCR015 includes multiple USB ports that allow you to continually charge your radio, your iphone or your MP3 player almsot anywhere, all while you listen to your music uninterrupted. Forget your generator and find yourself not near a power source? That’s okay, as this Radio can also run on batteries, or even charge them when necessary. Second, this Dewalt radio is engineered with a durable storage box that is built to protect your electronic devises from rough job site debris, even while it’s plugged into the aux or USB ports. Third, the DeWalt DCR015 emphasises a commitment to sound quality, thanks to a class D amplifier, woofers, and tweeters, all of which provide a full, rich range of premium high and low sound.

Inclusions And Specifics

The DeWalt 12V/20V MAX Work Site Charger Radio DCR015 includes a 12V/20V job site radio, a charger that works with any 12V/20V MAX DeWalt batteries (with a recharge time of 0.75 hours), and an auxiliary cable so you can plug in your iphone or MP3 player. In addition, it has an LED display, weighs roughly 13 pounds, and comes stock with a satellite radio option and station presets. Finally, Dewalt offers a 90 day money back guarantee, a 1 year free service contract, and a 3 year limited warranty .

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