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DeWalt 19 Lb Sds Max Demolition Hammer 2/Shocks D25891K

June 22, 2012

Does size matter? In this case it does. The DeWalt 19 Lb Sds Max Demolition Hammer 2/Shocks D25891K  punches through concrete slabs, including a 6 inch stem wall, without a problem and is a lot less taxing on your body and hearing than utilizing a 90 lb pneumatic jack in a horizontal position. The D25891k is the perfect tool for completing your demolition work with a residential house, as this power tool makes taking apart brick work super easy.

The Max Demolition Hammer  D25891k is small and compact at 19 pounds and 23 inches, which is a noticeable difference when compared to the large brute breakers you will find out there. At less than half the size, it is also weighs in at half the price, meaning unless you are planning on large industrial applications, the D2589k most likely has everything you need for residential projects. 4″ concrete becomes a breeze, as does digging 16″ deep footers, 30″ deep fence post holes, and with the D25891K, it is done in minutes versus the hours it takes by hand. For “hardpan” clay that is nearly impossible to dig into, the DeWalt Max Demolition Hammer is the right quality power tool for almost anything from concrete to plaster up to 4″ thick. You will marvel when you see how quickly and efficiently it turns hard concrete into rubble.

Complete with two shocks, it features Active Vibration Control technology that reduces the D25891K’s vibration up to 50% less than the leading competitors. It has 15 ft-lbs of impact energy and provides maximum performance in its chipping applications. The 15 Amp motor offers maximum overload protection, but still has the tough durable power you are looking for. The lock-on slide switch gives you a comfortable grip as you use the tool for extended periods of time, and the modular design gives the user a quick accessable way to service and maintain the switch, motor, cordset, brushes and gear case.

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